Park­ing Prob­lems

Moose Jaw - - TV Guide Express - By Wanda Smith

My driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence started at home on the farm at the age of nine in Dad’s baby blue quar­ter ton Mazda. He pa­tiently en­dured many stalls and jack rab­bit starts, while I mas­tered the stick shift. I re­mem­ber long be­fore that, I’d sit on his knees to steer if we were go­ing a short dis­tance across the yard; and of course, this led to driv­ing the Johnny Deere (trac­tor) to help with chores around home from time to time. When it came to driver train­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, our Grade Ten class had an amaz­ing teacher. I of­ten wish I had re­mem­bered his name in case I could “run into” him at some point. He had an in­cred­i­ble way of mak­ing a per­son feel re­laxed and ac­tu­ally en­joy the daily trips in his car. One les­son that stands out to me was his way of do­ing a par­al­lel park; it never failed. I can’t say I’m a pro and I wish I had writ­ten his method down word for word so I could do it com­plete one with­out fail how­ever, I re­mem­ber the gist of it and feel fairly con­fi­dent in this feat.

A cou­ple years ago, I hopped in with my par­ents to go to a con­ven­tion in Calgary. It was a stretch for us red­necks to drive there, not hav­ing been there for al­most ten years. One day, we were cau­tiously ma­nip­u­lat­ing the down­town when we got into a long line up of cars wait­ing at a light. We sat there for what seemed like for­ever... un­til we re­al­ized we’d been fol­low­ing a parked car! (in­sert howl­ing laugh­ter!!) Oh my good­ness... you know what it feels like if you fall down and get up quickly, hop­ing no one saw? Well, the feel­ing was mu­tual. We all pulled the pa­per bags over our heads as we howled with laugh­ter once we fig­ured out what we were do­ing. I’m guess­ing we weren’t the only ones that have ever done that... I hope.

That ex­pe­ri­ence leads me to think­ing of a life les­son Rein­hard Bonnke taught at a large youth gath­er­ing a few years back: “Don’t fol­low be­hind a parked car. You’ll never ar­rive.” It has a funny con­no­ta­tion as­so­ci­ated to it... es­pe­cially in light of the ex­pe­ri­ence we had in Calgary, how­ever; there is a lot of truth to it. We must choose wisely those we are fol­low­ing. The Word of God warns us to not be “un­equally yoked” which not only ap­plies to mar­riages, busi­ness part­ners and so on, it also ap­plies to who we are yoked with in min­istry. Charles Green, a vet­eran in the faith and leader in min­istry for over seventy years (he’s 91 years old) re­cently said: “You have no busi­ness be­ing some­where that God hasn’t called you to.” Folks, we MUST hear the voice of Holy Spirit of where we need to be and who we need to be part­nered with in th­ese last days. Re­mem­ber the story about the cow­boy who rode with horse thieves? “Who you ride with, you die with...” Dear ones, who we fol­low is a se­ri­ous mat­ter. THIS is the day... this is the TIME... this is the SEA­SON we MUST say what our Fa­ther God says and do what our Fa­ther God does. “Obe­di­ence is bet­ter than sac­ri­fice.” We will never get to where God wants us to be if we are fol­low­ing a parked car.

“...hav­ing a form of godliness but deny­ing its power. Have noth­ing to do with such peo­ple.”

Scrip­ture ref­er­ence: 2 Ti­mothy 3:4-6

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