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If I had to pick just one kind of species in the an­i­mal king­dom to have, it would be a dog, hands down. I adore dogs. I spent many hours with our farm dogs in my child­hood years and thank­fully, Hubby is a dog-lover, too, so we have al­ways had a dog. The lat­est one, as you’ve read in past col­umns, is Buddy, our three year old white, long-haired, Golden Lab/Siberian Husky. Buddy came when we needed some laughs and has been the per­fect pre­scrip­tion to fill our fam­ily’s needs of ca­ma­raderie, as well as goofi­ness. You may find Buddy ly­ing on his back in the mid­dle of the yard when it is rain­ing. You may see him lick­ing Tiny’s nose (Lil Sweet Pea’s minia­ture horse). He may greet you in the morn­ing with a big yowl when you give him break­fast. But most of all, you will find him al­ways want­ing to be with hu­mans. He wants to be as close as is hu­manly/dog pos­si­ble.

Buddy, or “Bobo”, as he is af­fec­tion­ately known to Hubby, is an out­side dog, and cer­tainly doesn’t need to be ba­bied, even in the cold weather, due to his unique Husky dou­ble coat. He is never cold. In the sum­mer, on the other hand, you may find him wad­ing in the slough sev­eral times a day, try­ing to cool off. We even bought him a lit­tle kid­die pool to cool off in but all he did was blow bub­bles in it. Let’s just say his beau­ti­ful long, gor­geous locks are a chal­lenge to keep clean in the coun­try.

If Buddy could be with us ev­ery sin­gle minute of ev­ery sin­gle day, he would. He en­joys be­ing out­side. He en­joys snoop­ing around our prop­erty. He en­joys chas­ing wildlife. But he loves peo­ple (well, ex­cept for when we aren’t home). Buddy just wants to be with peo­ple con­stantly. If he gets your at­ten­tion, he will get as close to you as pos­si­ble, even sit on your foot, lean­ing in with all his might.

Even though Buddy is an out­door dog, he likes to come into the porch on win­ter evenings so he can be close to the fam­ily. If he had his way, he would be in the house all the time (although he would be way too hot) so he can be with his fa­vorite peo­ple. His fa­vorite place (other than with us) is ly­ing in front of the gar­den door by the kitchen so he can be as close to us as pos­si­ble. Ev­ery day, you will find him there; giv­ing you his puppy dog eye-look, pos­si­bly whin­ing or even a short bark to re­mind us he is out there. He has many looks as he sits fac­ing the win­dow but the cutest one is his pa­tient, “I’ll wait here for­ever for you.” Buddy’s per­sis­tent, yet pa­tient de­meanor is con­stant; He will wait at the door all day if he has to. As I saw him sit­ting there the other day, it re­minded me of the scrip­ture ““Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal to­gether as friends.” Je­sus is a gen­tle­man, just like Buddy. He is pa­tiently knock­ing at the door of our hearts. He pa­tiently waits to com­mune (con­verse to­gether, share time to­gether in a re­la­tion­ship) with us. He has given us a free will. He doesn’t push Him­self on us... He waits for our in­vi­ta­tion to in­vite Him into our life and our day. Take time to talk with Him to­day.

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