Daily Road Re­port, Nov. 9

Moose Jaw Times Herald - - LOCAL -

Vaughan Ave. S.W. Ser­vice Leak On­go­ing St.

Ox­ford St. Ave. Bro­ken Valve On­go­ing - 9th Ave. S.W.

– Main St. N.

Stada­cona St. E. 9th Ave. N.E. Sewer & Wa­ter Re­lay On­go­ing

Athabasca St. E. 10th Ave. N.E. Sewer & Wa­ter Re­lay On­go­ing

100 Blk Grand­view E Ser­vice leak On­go­ing

1100 Blk 10th Ave. N.W On­go­ing

to - 10th

9th Ave. S.W. – Iro­quois St. W. – Lil­looet St. W. Ser­vice Leak On­go­ing

Clifton – 8th Ave. N.E.

– 9th Ave. N.E. to to

Ox­ford Ave. N.E. Wa­ter­main Break On­go­ing St. E. – 2nd Ave. N.E. to 3rd

11th Ave. N.W. – Brown St. to Car­leton St. Wa­ter Ser­vice leak On­go­ing

800 blk Elizabeth St. (Al­ley) Wa­ter­main Break On­go­ing

Stada­cona St. E. 10th Ave. N.E. Wa­ter­main Break On­go­ing

In­ter­sec­tion Ave. N.W. Cast Iron Pro­ject On­go­ing

of – 9th Ave. N.E.

5th Ave. N.W. St. W. Sewer & Wa­ter Re­lay On­go­ing

– Hall St. W.

High to St. W. & to Ox­ford 5th

3rd Ave. N.W. St. W. Wa­ter­main Re­place­ment On­go­ing


Al­bert St. W Grayson Cres. Ser­vice Leak On­go­ing

– River St. W. to Fair­ford

Cari­bou St. W. 4th Ave. N.W. Cast Iron (lim­ited ac­cess) On­go­ing


In­ter­sec­tion Home St. Wa­ter­main Break On­go­ing

1st Ave. N.W.

Hall St. W. N.W. Wa­ter­line In­stal­la­tion On­go­ing

Car­leton Ave. N.W. Sewer & Wa­ter Re­lay On­go­ing

Al­goma Ave. – MacDon­ald Saskatchewan St. Sewer & Wa­ter Re­lay On­go­ing

Hast­ings St. 14th Ave. S.W. Valve Re­place­ment On­go­ing


– 3rd




Athabasca St. W. to 10th Ave. N. W. Wa­ter­main Re­place­ment On­go­ing

Iro­quois St. W. 4th Ave. S.W. Wa­ter­main Re­place­ment On­go­ing

Ave. Ave. St.


Ave. S.W. S.W. N.W. to

– Main St. N. to 1st Ave.

– 9h Ave. N.W. to 10th to to

– 9th Ave. N. W. to & to

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