Reign­ing champs re­gain top spot

BTN Char­tered Ac­coun­tants de­feat Se­aborn In­sur­ance to re­gain first place


Penny Barker and her BTN Char­tered Ac­coun­tants rink have re­gained top spot in the Great Western Orig­i­nal 16 Cash League after de­feat­ing Se­aborn In­sur­ance 7-3 on Wed­nes­day in a bat­tle of first place teams.

After a blank first end and a sin­gle by BTN in the sec­ond, Se­aborn came out with a deuce in the third but BTN replied with three in the fourth. Se­aborn tied up the game with one in the fifth. After a blank sixth end, BTN put up another three points in seven and a sin­gle in eight.

BTN now im­proves their record to 7-1, while Se­aborn In­sur­ance drops to 6-2.

Ryan We­nar­chuk and Johns Mu­sic stayed in con­tention by im­prov­ing his record to 7-2 as they barely got by Team Red­goat and Donna Ack­er­man 6-5.

Johns Mu­sic jumped out to a big lead after scor­ing three in the first, but Team Red­goat re­bounded with one in the sec­ond and stole one in the third. Johns Mu­sic picked up one in the fourth to lead 4-2.

Team Red­goat picked up the deuce in the fifth and stole one in the sixth to take the lead. Johns Mu­sic turned around, how­ever, and scored one the sev­enth and stole one the eighth to get the win.

Moose Jaw Foun­tain Tire/ Keons, skipped by War­ren Mar­cotte, im­proved their record to 6-2 and a share of in in sec­ond place after de­feat­ing Stan Barns­ley and Tip Top Roofing/Pro-Tec Elec­tric 10-2. Tip Top Roofing re­mains tied in sec­ond at 6-2 as well.

In other ac­tion, Barb Wal­lace and her rink picked up their sec­ond win of the year, de­feat­ing Shaunna Frit­zler (1-7) 8-3. After Frit­zler scored one in the first end, Wal­lace scored one in the sec­ond and stole two in each of the third and fourth ends.

Frit­zler can within two when they picked up the deuce in the fifth, but con­ceded after Wal­lace scored third with the ham­mer in the sixth.

Joe Gun­nis and EMJ Mar­ket­ing (3-5) nar­rowly de­feated Pa­trick Ack­er­man and Ack­er­man Ag Ser­vices (1-7) 9-8. Down 8-6 go­ing into the eighth and fi­nal end, EMJ scored three when they needed it to win the match.

Ralph Court­nage and Terra Grain Fu­els (4-4) stole a vic­tory from Wade Gray and Protec Video (3-6) 7-6. Protec Video was up 6-4 after six ends of play when Terra Grain Fu­els scored a sin­gle in the sev­enth and stole two in the eighth.

Easy Care Liv­ing and Lor­raine Ar­guin (5-3) had an easy time with RA Gar­land Agro and Mur­ray Stroeder (4-5) with a 9-0 vic­tory.

Bob Des­jar­lais’ Kal Tire rink (5-3) also stole away a win from Ben Gam­ble and KMS/ Park Cap­i­tal (3-5) 5-4. Down 4-2 after six ends, Kal Tire tied the game with two in the sev­enth and stole one in the eighth.

The Great Western Orig­i­nal 16 Cash League plays ev­ery Wed­nes­day at 7:30 p.m. at the Moose Jaw Ford Curl­ing Cen­tre.

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