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Clarence Giesbrecht of St. Marys, Ont., writes, “Can any­one tell us what this metal tubu­lar level is used for? It’s heavy and mea­sures eight inches in length and 1 3/8 inches in di­am­e­ter. The num­ber 7607938 is em­bossed on the out­side. In­side is a lev­el­ling tube with an air bub­ble in liq­uid. DC3 is also vis­i­ble on the bot­tom.” Clarence can be reached by email at cgies­brecht@quadro.net.

COME IN, WE’RE OPEN? Last is­sue’s mys­tery item sent in by Ed Har­vey of Ed­mon­ton has our read­er­ship split—half, such as Myrna Hart­man Mcken­zie and Doug Dezan, who posted on our Face­book page, be­lieve it’s a door knocker. The other half meanwhile, in­clud­ing Pa­tri­cia Man­ba­hal of Ajax, Ont., and Robert Bruce of Yarker, Ont., think it’s a bot­tle opener. We’re not con­vinced it’s ei­ther, so the mys­tery con­tin­ues—thanks to all who wrote in! Go to our­canada.ca/what-is-it to iden­tify this is­sue’s mys­tery item. Do you have a thinga­ma­jig of your own you can’t iden­tify? Send along a photo of it, and it may ap­pear on this page! See page at left for our ad­dress.

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