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Here are just a few of the funny cap­tions sub­mit­ted by readers for the Cap­tion Cor­ner photo on page 15 in the July is­sue. Thanks to ev­ery­one who wrote in!

■ “Umm, I won­der who’s go­ing to dis­ap­pear first, Kate­lyn or the sun?” Sub­mit­ted by Dan Wever of Grande Prairie, Alta.

■ “Wait­ing for the sun to go down so I can wish on a shoot­ing star and be­come a mermaid.” Sub­mit­ted by Shirley Hardie of St. Catharines, Ont.

■ “I’m go­ing to slide ’till the sun goes down!” Sub­mit­ted by J. J.

Row­land of Kirk­field, Ont.

■ “From all us mer­maids, thank you for a won­der­ful sunset!” Sub­mit­ted by Lucy Hokke of Walk­er­ton, Ont.

■ “Rare Cana­dian mermaid sighted!” Sub­mit­ted on our Face­book page by Sandy Brooks.

■ “Just test­ing the wa­ter.” Sub­mit­ted on our Face­book page by Cyn­thia Lee Moreau.

■ “I am from the sea and to the sea I shall re­turn.” Sub­mit­ted by

Peter Wise of Rich­mond, B.C.

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