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Our barn is 100 years old this year. The barn has held many horses. My dad was a farmer and did many things be­sides farm­ing. He used to or­der horses for other peo­ple. One time, this fel­low wanted a young, black male horse, so Dad ordered it and it came, but then the fel­low de­cided he didn’t want the horse, so Dad fig­ured he’d keep it him­self. When I first saw this horse, he was black with a white star on his fore­head. He was a stal­lion and as he got older he be­came more wild, so my dad had a spe­cial place built for him and called him Vic. The spot Vic was in had bars on it and a lock on the door. He used to be turned out dur­ing the day to get ex­er­cise and a drink.

The barn has had teams, work­horses and sad­dle horses. It also held hay in the loft, put there by a sling that ran the length of the barn, and slings that would hold the hay and were pulled up from the front by a team. The hay went down through the feed­ers to the horses.

There was also a pump­house built onto the barn, and now that it has been 100 years, the barn is pulling away from the pump­house. It would take a lot to bring it back to its orig­i­nal form, but it would be won­der­ful to have it re­stored to the way it once was.

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