More of Our Canada - - Funny Stuff - Mary de­boon, Le­duc, Alta.

One Sun­day evening, six of us teenagers went joyrid­ing. I don’t even recall who the kids were or whose idea it was, but we first raided a lo­cal gar­den for a few car­rots and then con­tin­ued on into the coun­try­side. I don’t know what was go­ing through our minds at the time, but we thought it would be fun if we went to one farm and took six chick­ens from the coop and moved them to the chicken coop on the next farm. Then, we’d re­peat the process, mov­ing from farm to farm. The plan sounded good to us in the­ory, and we man­aged to pull it off at the first two places, but at our third stop, the lights went on and the dogs started bark­ing, so we all quickly ran back to the car. Some­one had a rooster in tow, and, on the way, one of the boys grabbed a tur­key that had been roost­ing in a nearby tree. We quickly drove back to our home­town of Car­man­gay, Alta., and hid in the back al­ley be­hind the lo­cal ho­tel. The po­lice had ap­par­ently been called, as we could see them go­ing up and down Main Street. We stayed in that al­ley a long time, won­der­ing what we were go­ing to do with that tur­key and rooster in the trunk. We de­cided to drive to the teacher­age—a house where the lo­cal teach­ers lived—and leave the tur­key and rooster on the back porch. It was so late by the time I got home, I had to crawl in through my bed­room win­dow so my par­ents wouldn’t hear me.

The next day after school, I went to work at the tele­phone of­fice as usual. When the red but­ton lit up on the board, I plugged into it and said, “Num­ber please,” and then con­nected the woman with the party she wanted to reach. Now, there was a switch on the board that I could turn on and hear the con­ver­sa­tion tak­ing place. Well, you’ll never guess what I heard!

One woman said, “You know, when I went to feed my chick­ens this morn­ing, there were six white leghorns mixed in with my Ply­mouth Rock chick­ens!”

And the other replied, “Re­ally? One of our tur­keys was miss­ing this morn­ing. And a rooster, too. What a mys­tery!”

To top ev­ery­thing off, the fol­low­ing week­end my boyfriend and I were in­vited to the teach­ers’ house for Thanks­giv­ing din­ner. Through­out the evening, they were re­mark­ing about the kind­ness of some­one leav­ing them a tur­key and a rooster.

And so ended one of my ill­fated teenage es­capades. Or so I thought. Many years later, Car­man­gay School had a 30-year re­union and two of the former teach­ers were there. I con­fessed to them what we had done so long ago, and all they could say was, “Oh my good­ness—it was you kids who did that!”

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