Hip Opener

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This low-lunge like pose is great for open­ing the hip flex­ors. If you have tight hips as many rid­ers do, there are sev­eral com­pli­men­tary poses such as pi­geon and but­ter­fly that can work the hips open. Hav­ing full range of mo­tion in this area al­lows rid­ers to main­tain bet­ter po­si­tion while cor­ner­ing and avoid fa­tigue and groin in­juries.

To start, move into high lunge po­si­tion with for­ward knee above an­kle, rear knee can be on the ground for an eas­ier stretch, or lifted for a more ad­vanced po­si­tion.

The same arm as the for­ward leg moves un­der the knee and rests out­side the foot. En­sure the knee stays above the an­kle, a com­mon mis­take is to al­low it to open to the out­side which can cause in­jury.

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