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National Post (Latest Edition) - - CANADA - Peter Man­nistu, Cal­gary.

Re: Morneau Steers Through Sea Of Red Ink, John Ivison, Feb. 23.

What will the $ 10.5 bil­lion of new s pend­ing promi sed i n the Lib­eral party plat­form be spent on — on gen­uinely pro­duc­tive as­sets across Canada or on what­ever will re­ward those who ha­bit­u­ally vote Lib­eral? The Lib­eral govern­ment has re­versed fed­eral sick leave sav­ings, re­sult­ing in an ex­tra cost of $ 1.3 bil­lion over three years. It also looks l i ke Bom­bardier will get $ 1- bil­lion bailout. Guess who f ed­eral and Que­bec work­ers vote for?

Mean­while, the Lib­er­als have done noth­ing to help bring western oil to tide­wa­ter, even though the govern­ment sub­sidy re­quired would be zero or min­i­mal. Pip­ing oil to t i de­wa­ter would bri ng e nor­mous ben­e­fits across the coun­try, not the least of which is bil­lions of dol­lars of ad­di­tional fed­eral and pro­vin­cial tax rev­enue as the oil is be­ing sold at in­ter­na­tional prices. Tens of thou­sands of jobs would be cre­ated, partly for pipe­line and ter­mi­nal con­struc­tion and partly to re- staff re­ju­ve­nated oil com­pa­nies. Their sup­pli­ers would also ben­e­fit. The my­opia in this coun­try with re­spect to oil and the value it pro­vides is de­press­ing. Even sad­der is how both Pierre and Justin Trudeau have ex­ploited it to di­vide us. It’s called di­vide and con­quer.


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