National Post (National Edition) - - DIVERSIONS - By Paul Thurston

There are a lot of praise­wor­thy char­i­ties out there that do an in­cred­i­ble job of try­ing to feed the world’s starv­ing chil­dren — per­haps we might be able to get one of them to do some­thing about starv­ing bridge play­ers.

Like to­day’s North whose take­out dou­ble (even in the pass-out seat where val­ues will of­ten be shaded a tad) looks like one of the hun­gri­est such dou­bles we’ll ever see.

At least it pro­vided a ver­i­ta­ble feast for his op­po­nents, es­pe­cially West, whose pre­vi­ous pass had a con­cealed hand bet­ter than ei­ther North or South held.

So that when South took a rea­son­able shot at three notrump, West was ready with a sound penalty dou­ble and fol­lowed up with a very ef­fec­tive open­ing lead.

De­clarer won the club Queen to play a spade to the ten and Queen for the club King to come back to force out the ace. A sec­ond spade went to the King and ace and West was in to en­joy cash­ing three club win­ners while East pitched his last small spade, one di­a­mond and two lit­tle hearts.

So that when West ex­ited with his heart to the Queen, King and ace, the de­fense could rest — with all of the re­main­ing tricks! For those not keep­ing track of the car­nage, that was one heart trick and two clubs for de­clarer as he was squeezed on the run of the clubs and had to un­guard one red suit or the other!

1700! Maybe South should have passed the take­out dou­ble and de­fended — two hearts would likely have brought in one dou­bled and vul­ner­a­ble over­trick — a mere 870 for East-West — what a sav­ings!

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