when women trans­form... WE TRANS­FORM THE WORLD

NICHE Magazne - - Romantic Fantasy - by Kari-lynn Owen

I'm on a mis­sion to trans­form a gen­er­a­tion by nour­ish­ing the hearts, minds and bod­ies of women and their fam­i­lies, be­cause this is the way we'll trans­form the com­mu­ni­ties we live in.

This is my jour­ney.


Life circa 2008 was great! I was mar­ried to my col­lege sweet­heart and love of my life, Shawn. We had a beau­ti­ful home, two healthy chil­dren and great friend­ships. I was the owner of a graphic de­sign business and Shawn was a top ex­ec­u­tive for a big dis­tri­bu­tion com­pany, trav­el­ing ex­ten­sively. At the time, we thought we had it all and were do­ing life right. Lit­tle did we re­al­ize we were on a slip­pery slope, on a path of near de­struc­tion that could have easily wiped us out. We had our heads down, work­ing hard to­wards our big dreams, while in re­al­ity we were burn­ing out, stressed out and mov­ing fur­ther away from the things that mat­tered most to us.

I am thank­ful, ev­ery day, for that painful awak­en­ing mo­ment when we asked each other, “is this re­ally liv­ing?” We were apart so of­ten, work­ing as hard as we could, but the dis­tance was grow­ing be­tween us and our dreams. But it's ac­tu­ally in those dif­fi­cult times that we truly get the op­por­tu­nity to grow our dreams.


To reach the bal­ance we craved, we needed to be­came crys­tal clear on the things that mat­tered most to us. Be­ing to­gether with our kids was at the top of the list. Along with that, be­ing healthy and happy, al­ways grow­ing per­son­ally and pro­fes­sion­ally, and be­ing able to con­trib­ute and make a dif­fer­ence in our fam­i­lies, our com­mu­ni­ties and the world.

So, we cre­ated a plan that would bring Shawn and I home from our jobs, and al­low us to de­sign a life that ticked all the boxes—a plan built around a scal­able but se­cure business where we sup­port peo­ple with life­style and sports nu­tri­tion. It made sense to us be­cause we had just com­pleted a 30-day nu­tri­tional cleans­ing and weight loss

pro­gram to­gether us­ing the same sys­tem. We felt so great, we were hooked! Lighter and leaner, we had more en­ergy than ever. Bet­ter still, we felt reignited and hope­ful about our fu­ture. That made us re­al­ize just how long we'd been “run­ning on empty”. Fill­ing up our tanks with some much-needed nu­tri­ents, not only helped our bod­ies (and waist­lines!), but also our men­tal clar­ity and sense of well­be­ing. We couldn't turn back.

Over the years since then, we have im­mersed our­selves in a per­sonal growth jour­ney. We re­al­ized that to grow our business, we had to over­come the lim­it­ing be­liefs we'd taken on about our­selves over many years. The be­liefs that keep you stuck in the “way it is”. We still get ex­cited that we get to share what we've learned with oth­ers so they can go for their dreams, too. Help­ing peo­ple suc­ceed is ad­dic­tive!

To be hon­est, at first we thought a net­work mar­ket­ing model was not for us. But who are we to ar­gue with the facts? We are liv­ing the life we de­signed. And we have seen first­hand what the model has done for so many fam­i­lies we know. We couldn't have af­forded to start up a com­pany of our own, with all the risk, so we lever­aged a global business with great prod­ucts, in pock­ets of our time, and grew from there. Know­ing what I know now, I'm so crazy grate­ful that I stayed open to the pos­si­bil­ity.


Look­ing back to 2008, we never could have imag­ined the di­rec­tion our life has taken. We now have a global business that serves over 190,000 peo­ple. As I write this ar­ti­cle, we have just re­turned from a beau­ti­ful trip. We take our kids trav­el­ing around the world (in­clud­ing Noosa, Aus­tralia pic­tured above) and get to ex­pe­ri­ence so many won­der­ful things. Best of all, we get to model this for our chil­dren; teenagers who are im­mersed in a cul­ture where it is nor­mal to be­lieve that any­thing is pos­si­ble if you plan, back your­self and work at it.


My mis­sion is to trans­form a gen­er­a­tion by nour­ish­ing the hearts, minds and bod­ies of women and their fam­i­lies.

I came to my mis­sion late but, re­ally, just in time!

Each of us has the op­por­tu­nity to lift one an­other, to cre­ate free­dom and a last­ing legacy. Now is the time and it starts with me, and it starts with you. When women trans­form, we trans­form the world. Our chil­dren, our fam­i­lies, our com­mu­ni­ties, our world. I'm look­ing for all the “peren­ni­als” -- women around the world who want to elev8 and live strong to live long by grow­ing their health, wealth and well­be­ing.

Kari-lyn and hus­band Shawn on a giv­ing back con­tri­bu­tion trip to Nicaragua

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