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We are all on the ham­ster wheel of life. We pride our­selves in our abil­ity to multi-task and get things done, rarely ask­ing for help. The truth is that this could be ef­fect­ing our pro­duc­tiv­ity in a neg­a­tive way.

Stud­ies have now shown that by al­ways hav­ing a for­ward-think­ing brain, your fo­cus is less pro­duc­tive. While you are work­ing on one task and men­tally check­ing off an­other, nei­ther one is re­ally be­ing com­pleted prop­erly. I know we all think we are so great at check­ing off our lists and that we can do it all our­selves. No one else could do it bet­ter, right?

On the sur­face it cer­tainly ap­pears so, but be­neath the sur­face we are prov­ing to be more stressed, have lower im­mu­nity & higher cases of in­som­nia and anx­i­ety.

The pres­sure is about to ex­plode. What can we do to pre­vent this catas­tro­phe?


Time is a com­mod­ity we have so lit­tle of in our mul­ti­task­ing pro­fes­sional lives. A trea­sure so rare that sit­ting down to take a mo­ment feels guilt rid­den and fleet­ing.

Con­tro­ver­sially, stud­ies have shown that women who make time for them­selves feel more ap­pre­ci­ated and pro­duc­tive. Think of the last time you had a va­ca­tion. Wasn't it awe­some to just un­plug and un­wind from your daily rou­tine? Think of how long you looked for­ward to that ‘car­rot' and how hard you worked so you could truly re­lax once the time ar­rived.

What if we took mini breaks for our­selves ev­ery month? Imag­ine the re­ward of self-care.

Take a deep breath in for a mo­ment and sa­vor the idea of true re­lax­ation. Time that is re­served just for you. You could have an hour booked off, just for you. Ev­ery time you meet a dead­line at work, or sur­pass one of your goals, re­ward your­self with time that is just for you.

I know what you are think­ing… Be­lieve me – the ques­tion is not how can I af­ford this time? The ques­tion is how can you af­ford not to make the time? What does it cost you when you are sick? What does it cost you in missed pro­duc­tion dead­lines? How does your fam­ily feel when you are stressed to the max?

You de­serve time and self-care… and the ex­tra bonus is that it will pos­i­tively af­fect the other pe­riph­er­als of your life – fam­ily, re­la­tion­ships, and ca­reer.


Even tak­ing a mo­ment in our day to have a deep breath brings oxy­gen and en­ergy to our over­worked, de­prived brains. Like I do, an in­creas­ing num­ber of women (and men) are us­ing daily me­di­a­tion to calm our busy minds and re­gain fo­cus and cre­ativ­ity. The pow­ers of a calm mind are end­less and are now be­ing cel­e­brated, as more of us fi­nally un­der­stand the real con­nec­tions that hap­pi­ness and health are deeply rooted to­gether.

I urge you to be­gin an in­ten­tional plan of self-care. For some of you, that means fit­ness; for oth­ers that means time spent with a good book; and for some it is pam­per­ing at the spa. The power of touch com­bined with time is a very ef­fec­tive tool in reach­ing a state of deep re­lax­ation. Hold­ing pow­ers, have for cen­turies, been known for heal­ing and im­proved well-be­ing. Imag­ine a pre­cious piece of time where you could be touched and guided through a still mind med­i­ta­tion all at once. This is some­thing I pride in of­fer­ing my clients at my business, Heaven the Spa on the Rock – in­clud­ing a sig­na­ture guided med­i­ta­tion fa­cial I cre­ated as the ul­ti­mate treat­ment in self-care – en­cour­ag­ing flow of life, that bal­ances well-be­ing, mind, and skin.


Know what makes you happy, make hap­pi­ness your goal and pri­or­i­tize it. Bring calm and well­ness to your be­ing – on a very reg­u­lar ba­sis. Your body, mind & fam­ily will thank you for it - trust the sci­ence.

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