Hor­ror story from out­set

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The fol­low­ing is in re­sponse to the gwynne dyer’s col­umn Chaos raises ques­tion: Was Pakistan a mis­take? (aug. 3). to the edi­tor: the an­swer is a re­sound­ing “yes.” the viceroy, Lord Louis Mount­bat­ten, should never have ac­ceded to the de­mands of Mus­lim League leader Muham­mad ali Jin­nah, a para­noid Mus­lim who only lived a short time af­ter Par­ti­tion.

Pakistan has floated on amer­i­can aid for decades. ap­palling mass slaugh­ter oc­curred on both sides as thou­sands of up­rooted fam­i­lies made their way across the new borders. Many we got to know in Pun­jab 10 years later re­called with hor­ror Sikh men en­ter­ing north­bound trains and go­ing through the cars slaugh­ter­ing ev­ery man, woman and child.

Sim­i­lar scenes of slaugh­ter oc­curred dur­ing ex­its from Pakistan, and doubt­less were re­peated on the Bangladesh side. In 1962 West Pakistan at­tacked Bangladesh caus­ing sim­i­lar slaugh­ter.

It was a hor­ror story from the out­set. Women’s rights are neg­li­gi­ble and a fe­male pres­i­dent was as­sas­si­nated, as were oth­ers. ad­di­tion­ally there have been sev­eral wars with In­dia and a con­tin­u­ing dis­pute over Kash­mir.

It was a grave mis­take, and the con­se­quences con­tinue with refuge granted to taliban forces.

Mary McKim Lon­don

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