T.O’s own Jack Spar­rows

Ahead of the fi­nal Pi­rates of the Caribbean film, we’ve tracked down Toronto’s best-paid pi­rates. Who’s the swash­buck­ling hero and who’s just a land­lub­ber? Your quest con­tin­ues.

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How do you op­er­ate as a pi­rate in Toronto?

I work with Pi­rate Life, a float­ing chil­dren’s theatre, to help rein in some of the scurvi­est scalawags and have kids and adults alike bond to­gether as a crew.

I’m more of a mer­ce­nary pi­rate for hire. Any­one with enough scratch can hire my ser­vices. Toronto yields plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties for this per­form­ing pi­rate.

How can land­lub­bers hire you for a gig?

You can find us at the Toronto water­front this year, and we’ll be set­ting sail for week­end ad­ven­tures in May, with trips avail­able all sum­mer. See you on the high seas!

Find me on Face­book: flash a lit­tle gold and we’re in busi­ness.

What would you teach Johnny Depp about pi­rat­ing?

Johnny Depp was of course an in­spi­ra­tion for my life as a pi­rate. Per­haps I could teach him a good tooth­brush­ing goes a long way to pre­serv­ing those gold caps.

Com­ing back from the dead is easy. I’d teach him how to come back from the pain.

Cap­tain Mor­gan or Cap’n Crunch?

Cap­tain Mor­gan — I'm try­ing to watch me sugar in­take.

Why not both to­gether? Two sea­men are bet­ter than one.

ANDY BLAU Zoltan the Ad­e­quate, per­former/ma­gi­cian

KIT BOULTER Pi­rate Life, cap­tain and artis­tic di­rec­tor

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