Hid­ing in the ‘fire’

Stu­dents at Tru­man Ed­di­son take part in prac­tice run for fire de­part­ment


It’s not of­ten when a fire alarm goes off at a school that stu­dents are in­structed to stay in­side.

But that is ex­actly what hap­pened with three stu­dents and one teacher dur­ing a safety demon­stra­tion at Tru­man Ed­di­son Me­mo­rial in St. Lu­naireGri­quet on June 2.

Brian Earle, Nick Ed­di­son and Al­li­son Jones were the three stu­dents cho­sen to stay be­hind so the lo­cal vol­un­teer fire de­part­ment could test their ca­pa­bil­i­ties find­ing po­ten­tial ca­su­al­ties in­side a fire. Teacher Mike Green was the fourth.

“We hid in the fire, as if the fire re­ally hap­pened and we were chil­dren that got stuck,” Al­li­son, a Grade 6 stu­dent, said. “We couldn’t get out of some­where and the fire­fight­ers had to come find us.”

Her hid­ing place was a stor­age room in the gym, Nick hid in the old prin­ci­pal’s room and Brian was in the li­brary.

The evac­u­a­tion was timed, and the fire­fight­ers went to work in full uni­form, search­ing for their miss­ing stu­dents and teacher.

It was Brian that was found first, within two min­utes of the fire­fight­ers en­ter­ing the build­ing. Nick was found af­ter seven min­utes, Green af­ter 13 min­utes, and Al­li­son was the last found. It took 23 min­utes to track her down.

“I heard peo­ple scream­ing in the hall­way,” Brian said. “When they came in, I said, ‘Hi.’”

Nick was ly­ing on the couch in his hid­ing spot.

“I seen the lights shin­ing through the win­dows,” he said. “I could hear the sirens and heard lots of peo­ple yelling out.”

At this time, all the stu­dents were out­side lined up with their classes. Head counts were done, and the three stu­dents were the ones miss­ing. Be­sides the teach­ers, no one knew they were hid­ing in­side. It was a se­cret that they kept re­ally well.

“I felt kind of spe­cial be­cause the teach­ers picked us be­cause we were trust­wor­thy,” Nick said. “And it was re­ally cool be­cause you didn’t know who would get found when.”

Al­li­son and Brian agreed that it was nice to be picked to take part.

School prin­ci­pal Ash­ley Wood sent out a mes­sage to all the par­ents be­fore it took place so there was no one alarmed about see­ing the fire trucks and am­bu­lances at the school dur­ing the drill.

“It was a big com­mo­tion go­ing on in the com­mu­nity,” Brian said. “The fire­men were pre­tend­ing it was a real fire.”

The re­al­ness of the train­ing was ben­e­fi­cial for the three stu­dents, es­pe­cially. It helped them learn im­por­tant lessons when it comes to be­ing trapped in a fire and what to do if a fire­fighter finds you.

“In case a real fire hap­pens, you have to be cau­tious and care­ful,” Al­li­son said.

Even though it was the fire safety that was mostly taught to the stu­dents in the school, Brian learned a spe­cial les­son.

“We are very thank­ful for our fire­fight­ers and po­lice,” he said.

Nick Ed­di­son (left), Al­li­son Jones (cen­tre) and Brian Earle were the three stu­dents cho­sen to be ca­su­al­ties in the train­ing ses­sion at their school.

The St. Lu­naire-Gri­quet Vol­un­teer Fire Depart­ment took part in a train­ing ex­er­cise at Tru­man Ed­di­son Memo­rial on June 2, where they had to find and res­cue three stu­dents from a mock fire.

Stu­dents lined up with their classes once out­side of the school.

Fire­fight­ers and an am­bu­lance took part in the train­ing ex­er­cise.

The fire­fight­ers used all nec­es­sary equip­ment to cre­ate the il­lu­sion of a real fire.

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