Softball re­sumes in St. An­thony

Eggs go miss­ing, nest de­stroyed overnight Wed­nes­day


The St. An­thony softball field is back in ac­tion, af­ter a week­long hia­tus caused by a seag­ull nest full of eggs.

The nest, which was built some­time last week, needed a per­mit to be re­moved. Seag­ulls are a pro­tected species, and nests can­not be moved without ap­proval.

The town’s recre­ation di­rec­tor Scott Coish con­firmed the nest had been moved.

“The plan was to move it up near the trees,” Coish said, not­ing that chil­dren do play around the area and he wanted to keep the eggs, but more im­por­tantly the kids, safe.

Af­ter the per­mit was ap­proved Wed­nes­day, the nest was moved the al­low­able 10 me­tres. When the town work­ers re­turned the next day to move it another 10 me­tres, the eggs were gone and the nest had been de­stroyed.

The town had to file pa­per- work and go through the proper pro­to­cols to get the per­mit, and Coish said it was un­for­tu­nately that the nest could not be prop­erly re­lo­cated. He sus­pects it was some kind of preda­tor, like a fox or coy­ote.

Now that the eggs and nest are no longer present, the lo­cal softball league will con­tinue next week, and an an­nual kick­off tour­na­ment will go ahead this week­end.

Although the nest is gone, a seag­ull ap­pears to have made its way back onto the field, in the same spot the nest had been pre­vi­ously. It was squawk­ing for an ex­tended pe­riod of time Fri­day morn­ing, but so far it does not ap­pear a nest is be­ing re­built.

Coish hopes it doesn’t re­build the nest on the field, not­ing they’ll have to go through the en­tire ap­pli­ca­tion process again for a per­mit to re­move the nest.

The St. An­thony softball field still has a seag­ull wan­der­ing about, but the nest that halted the league has been re­moved.

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