A blast from the past

Daniel’s Har­bour open­ing time cap­sule this July


Af­ter 50 years, the Daniel’s Har­bour crypt will soon re­veal its se­crets.

On July 21, dur­ing the Come Home Year cel­e­bra­tions, the Town of Daniel’s Har­bour will be open­ing its time cap­sule – a ce­ment crypt where lo­cals placed a va­ri­ety of per­sonal items in 1967 as part of Canada’s cen­ten­nial cel­e­bra­tions.

The in­ten­tion was for the crypt to be re-opened 50 years later for Canada 150, and for lo­cals to find the items in there that friends and family and even their past selves have left in­side.

In­scribed on the out­side are the fol­low­ing words: “This crypt con­tains ar­ti­facts from the res­i­dents of Daniel’s Har­bour and sur­round­ing area to be opened year 2017. Erected to com­mem­o­rate Canada’s cen­ten­nial year 1967.”

Now the time has come and the town is ap­proach­ing the July 21 date with great an­tic­i­pa­tion.

“How many places got time cap­sules?” asks Ross Hum­ber, the mayor of Daniel’s Har­bour.

As the crypt will be opened dur­ing the Come Home Year, it’ll have many peo­ple re­turn­ing home and find­ing some­thing hid­den away here for them as well.

“(We de­cided) to have it all come to­gether at one time,” says Hum­ber.

What’s in the crypt will be a to­tal mys­tery for many. Some who put items in there are no longer around, while many to­day weren’t around back then. And some of those who placed items in there and are still around may not re­mem­ber what it was they placed in­side.

“We don’t know what we’re deal­ing with here re­ally,” says Hum­ber.

He does know that some kids at the time put letters to them­selves in there.

“Kids in school were asked to put stuff in there for them­selves, like a fu­tur­is­tic let­ter of where they thought they were go­ing and what they thought they would do in life,” he says.

Hum­ber knows that his now 87-year-old fa­ther put some­thing in there for him.

His fa­ther re­mem­bers what it was but won’t re­veal it to him. And Hum­ber feels no com­pul­sion to pres­sure him on it.

“I never pressed the is­sue,” he says. “He kept it this long, why am I go­ing to press it for an­other cou­ple months?”

Af­ter­wards, the town in­tends on putting back an­other time cap­sule. Lo­cals will once again be putting their own ar­ti­facts in a crypt to be re­opened by them­selves or by loved ones 50 years down the line.

Who knows what will be in store.

Hum­ber is ap­pre­cia­tive of the time and com­mit­ment the Come Home Year com­mit­tee has put into this event.

“They’ve done won­ders,” he says.


The Daniel’s Har­bour’s time cap­sule will re­veal its se­crets on July 21.


The mes­sage en­graved on the time cap­sule crypt can still be clearly read 50 years later.

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