More trou­bles with pro­cess­ing

St. An­thony har­vesters hope to keep ship­ping to Labrador


There is con­tin­ued stress for North­ern Penin­sula har­vesters as they deal with a lack of cod pro­cess­ing on the penin­sula.

Af­ter some drainage is­sues on fer­ries trans­port­ing their catch to Labrador, St. An­thony fish­er­man Wilf Aly­ward says there’s a tem­po­rary halt on send­ing their cod to the Labrador Fish­er­men’s Union Shrimp Com­pany.

“They want it but they’re hav­ing all kinds of trou­ble with get­ting it across on ferry,” Aly­ward said.

A deal had been made in early Au­gust be­tween Labrador Fish­er­men’s Union Shrimp Com­pany, the Fish Food and Al­lied Work­ers union and St. An­thony Seafoods to trans­port their catch to the pro­cess­ing plant in L’Anse au Loup.

Aly­ward says wa­ter leak­age from their tubs has pre­vented the fer­ries from tak­ing the fish to Labrador.

They’ve had re­cent ship­ments taken to the plant in Arnold’s Cove and Beothic Fish Pro­ces­sors Ltd in­stead.

“They’re ship­ping it around all over the place,” said Aly­ward. “It’s hard to do.”

Aly­ward says he and other fish­ers are at­tempt­ing to deal with the is­sue, such as see­ing if fill­ing the tubs with plas­tic bags will pre­vent leak­age.

They hope a so­lu­tion can be found to keep the ferry ship­ments go­ing, as it will ben­e­fit both the plant and the har­vesters.

St. Lu­naire-Gri­quet fish­er­man Carl Hed­der­son says he’s not sur­prised there are some leak­age prob­lems with the con­tain­ers of cod, but sus­pects a res­o­lu­tion will be found soon.

Most of Hed­der­son’s catch has been sent to Arnold’s Cove, though he had one load sent to Labrador on the ferry in late Au­gust.

St. An­thony Seafoods Ltd. were con­tacted for com­ment but did not re­spond by dead­line.


St. An­thony har­vester Wilf Aly­ward says there’s been a halt on send­ing their cod catch to Labrador, af­ter the ferry trans­port­ing the cod ex­pe­ri­enced leak­age is­sues with their con­tain­ers. A deal was made in early Au­gust with the Labrador Fish­er­men’s Union Shrimp Com­pany to process catch in the area.

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