‘For years and years I’ve parked in that spot’

Port Saun­ders man up­set with in­creased re­stric­tions on park­ing


PORT SAUN­DERS, NL – A se­ries of is­sues with park­ing lim­i­ta­tions has Eu­gene Caines fed-up and search­ing for an­swers.

Caines’ park­ing is­sues be­gan last sum­mer with a knock on his door from an RCMP of­fi­cer, re­quest­ing he move his truck or face a ticket. Caines Lane is a tight stretch of road just off the high­way that leads into Port Saun­ders and Port au Choix. Caines had parked his truck be­side the road’s pave­ment across from his neigh­bour’s house just up from Caines’ home, which is sit­u­ated at the end of the lane.

Be­cause there was not a “No Park­ing” sign along the lane, Caines re­fused to move his truck and told the of­fi­cer he would fight the ticket in court.

Then, on July 26, Caines looked out his front door to find two “No Park­ing” signs be­ing placed at each end of Caines Lane.

“They told me I parked il­le­gally, and I said ‘well, where’s the sign?’,” said Caines, re­call­ing his pre­vi­ous con­ver­sa­tion with the RCMP of­fi­cer. “Then by af­ter­noon the next day – the sign was there.” The signs read “No Park­ing Be­tween Signs” with an ar­row point­ing to the other end of the lane.

Ac­cord­ing to Caines, he has not had an an­swer from the town of­fice of Port Saun­ders as to why these signs were put in place.

“For years and years I’ve parked in that spot,” he said. “Like ev­ery­body else, I want to park off the pave­ment. Why they have a prob­lem with it, I don’t know.”

Port Saun­ders Mayor Tony Ryan was reached for com­ment but was not avail­able by dead­line.

Al­though he was frus­trated to see the new no-park­ing pol­icy be­ing im­ple­mented on the road he had lived on for many years, Caines de­cided to find a way to deal with it.

With a con­sid­er­able amount of space be­tween his home and the “No Park­ing” sign, Caines pur­chased $160 worth of gravel and laid it out next to the road to make him­self a park­ing spot.

He says he needs the ad­di­tional space to park be­cause of plans to build a new porch out front of his home.

With his makeshift park­ing spot lo­cated past the lim­its spec­i­fied by the

“No Park­ing” signs, Caines hoped this would be the end of the mat­ter.

But he found his trou­ble was only be­gin­ning.

Work­ing away in Hawke’s Bay, Caines came home the evening of Oct. 19 to find an empty metal rod where the “No Park­ing” sign near his gravel once was.

In­stead, the sign was moved roughly 10 feet and placed in the mid­dle of the gravel spot he had made for his truck.

Now, the no park­ing lim­its spec­i­fied by the signs in­clude his gravel area.

“I came home that Thurs­day evening and they had (the sign) up­rooted and put in my drive­way,” said Caines.

Caines was par­tic­u­larly frus­trated by this lat­est de­vel­op­ment, and with a long his­tory of is­sues with the town, he feels bul­lied.

“My kids of­ten tell me I should just move,” he said. “It trick­les down the line – they’re all af­fected by it too.”

Caines’ fam­ily owned Caines Lane for many years, but do­nated it to the town to ac­cess snow clear­ing ser­vices in the 1990s. Caines says the is­sues have in­creased since then, par­tic­u­larly around snow clear­ing.


Eu­gene Caines stands next to the “No Park­ing” sign that has now been moved to mark off a park­ing space he cre­ated with gravel.

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