Po­lice not ready for mar­i­juana

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Yet an­other pro­gres­sive gov­ern­ment ob­vi­ously more con­cerned with rak­ing in ex­pected wind­falls from sell­ing pot, rather than be­ing con­cerned over the po­ten­tial harm to young peo­ple.

Stud­ies in the U.K., the USA and Canada have con­clu­sively shown young peo­ple smok­ing pot run a greatly en­hanced risk of dam­ag­ing their de­vel­op­ing brains and suf­fer­ing psy­chosis and other men­tal is­sues later in life. Our own Cana­dian Med­i­cal As­so­ciate has stated no­body should smoke this dan­ger­ous drug, con­tain­ing 85 can­nin­bi­noids with un­known long-term health and men­tal con­se­quences, un­der 21.

From a polic­ing per­spec­tive, like the rules set by the greedy Wynne gov­ern­ment, en­force­ment will be an ab­so­lute night­mare. No won­der po­lice chiefs have stated they sim­ply are not ready for the July 1, 2018 le­gal­iza­tion date. Imag­ine try­ing to po­lice that any­one can grow four plants, have no more than 30 grams on their per­son and try­ing to take driv­ers off the high­ways im­paired by in­hala­tion of pot with no sim­ply road­side test yet de­vel­oped.

We still do not know what is the per­mis­si­ble amount of THC some­one can have in their sys­tem. Then po­lice must in­ves­ti­gate the in­volve­ment of or­ga­nized crime groups that cer­tainly will be in­volved in il­licit dis­tri­bu­tion, no mat­ter how low a province sets the sell­ing price.

I find it mind-bog­gling that un­in­formed pro­gres­sive gov­ern­ments con­tinue to feel mar­i­juana is ‘no more harm­ful’ than al­co­hol and tobacco. Un­like al­co­hol, which is ex­creted from the body in roughly 12 hours, pot can re­main in one’s body up to 90 days. I do won­der if any of these pro­gres­sives would feel com­fort­able hav­ing a sur­geon, who toked up the night be­fore, do­ing their heart op­er­a­tion the next morn­ing or the pilot fly­ing them, con­sid­er­ing pot can ac­tu­ally ac­cu­mu­late in one’s sys­tem. Larry Comeau Ot­tawa

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