Let’s all move to some­place cheaper

Nor'wester (Springdale) - - EDITORIAL -

Some­one asked the ques­tion on Face­book: why can you buy a dozen beer in Que­bec for $16 and change and have to pay al­most 30 bucks in new­found­land — a mat­ter of con­cern if you like your beer, and ap­par­ently we do, as we con­sume more beer in this prov­ince than any other.

But then there are a lot of ques­tions that we could ask about this prov­ince, such as (even be­fore the lat­est hike) why can I put gas in my tank at an out­let in St. John’s for a buck-15 and drive down the road a few hun­dred clicks and pay close to a buck-30? Why can some­one on the other side of the gulf pay less than a dol­lar for the same gas I’m pay­ing $1.30 for? Why do we pay so much more for in­sur­ance than our neigh­bours in the prov­ince of Nova Sco­tia do?

Why don’t we have our hos­pi­tal on the west coast that was promised to us by Danny Wil­liams some 15 years ago? Why don’t we have our hos­pi­tal on the west coast and our ra­di­a­tion unit that was promised to us by Dwight Ball and com­pany a few years ago? Why do our chil­dren go to school hun­gry and our peo­ple have to go to food banks when we have more re­sources per capita than any other prov­ince or ter­ri­tory in the coun­try? And, while we are at it, why did we let a com­pany from an­other coun­try come in here and take away one of the rich­est de­posits of ore in the world, like scrap­ing the ic­ing off a cake?

Why do the peo­ple of Labrador have to drive on gravel roads when they could have built roads made of iron ore and had a bridge across the straits made of nickel from Voisey’s Bay? Why will we shiver in our homes be­cause of Muskrat Falls while Nova Sco­tia will reap the ben­e­fits?

Why are se­niors like me com­pletely ig­nored by the peo­ple who sweet-talk us into vot­ing for them and then come up with some smoke and mir­rors scheme to shut us up for an­other four years? Come to think of it, why don’t we all get the hell out of here and don’t bother hav­ing the last one leav­ing turn of the lights be­cause there won’t be any lights left on to turn off.

Scut­tle the bloody ferry and leave our priv­i­leged politi­cians and filthy rich busi­ness­peo­ple to stew in their own mess?

We’ll all go to the main­land where we can buy a 12-pack for 16 bucks a pop.

Leo Quilty Cor­ner Brook

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