KEF X300A Pow­ered Speak­ers


The X300A is a pre­mium loud­speaker sys­tem that was de­vel­oped to of­fer the high­est sound re­pro­duc­tion pos­si­ble from com­put­ers, smart­phones and tablets, via the dis­tor­tion-free USB in­put. The X300A speaker uti­lizes two Class AB audiophile-grade am­pli ers – one ded­i­cated for HF and one for LF/MF – com­plete with a toroidal transformer, which signi cantly re­duces the nor­mal “hum” heard while play­ing most pow­ered speak­ers. The X300A was de­signed to mir­ror the per­for­mance of the best in pro­fes­sional stu­dio mon­i­tors with an im­pres­sive out­put of 150W of power per chan­nel at 1kHz. To get the very best from the twin class AB am­pli ers, the X300A fea­tures KEF’s Uni-Q driver ar­ray, which places the tweeter in the acous­tic cen­tre of the woofer. This al­lows both the woofer and tweeter to act as a sin­gle, fo­cused source of sound that is dis­persed widely and evenly throughout a room or set­ting. The X300A also of­fers wire­less play­back via an op­tional Blue­tooth (don­gle) or can be used with Ap­ple Air­port Ex­press. A 3.5mm ana­logue con­nec­tion is also in­cluded. MSRP: $799 US/pair.

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