Onkyo RBX-500 iLu­nar Dock Mu­sic Sys­tem


Onkyo’ new six-chan­nel Blue­tooth and iPod/iPhone dock­ing so­lu­tion fea­tures 3D sound pro­cess­ing, which im­merses the lis­tener in sound no mat­ter where they are in the room. The iLu­nar uses an ar­range­ment of six full-range driv­ers po­si­tioned above a down- ring sub­woofer. Rather than us­ing two chan­nels to cre­ate a cen­tral­ized “sweet spot”, a pro­cess­ing chip from Sonic Emo­tion ra­di­ates the sound in all direc­tions, cre­at­ing the im­pres­sion of stereo sound wher­ever the lis­tener is lo­cated. In ad­di­tion to dock­ing their iDe­vice, lis­ten­ers can use the Blue­tooth func­tion to stream mu­sic from al­most any smart phone, tablet or PC. The dock is a recharg­ing type, al­low­ing the user to top off the bat­tery while they lis­ten to mu­sic. A USB port is also in­cluded for charg­ing many other types of smart­phones or tablets, even as the de­vice streams mu­sic wire­lessly. Avail­able this Oc­to­ber. MSRP: $249 US. www.onkyo.ca

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