Turnta­bles gen­er­ate an elec­tri­cal out­put sig­nal via their car­tridge and in­cor­po­rated sty­lus / nee­dle as­sem­bly. The move­ment of the sty­lus as it trav­els within the grooves of the record is con­verted into an elec­tri­cal sig­nal by way of very tiny mag­nets within wire coils within the car­tridge. This elec­tri­cal cur­rent is sent via small and del­i­cate wires through the in­side of the ton­earm and out via the turntable’s out­put ca­ble / plug con­nec­tions. Since the car­tridge and mag­nets are so small the gen­er­ated elec­tri­cal sig­nal is also very

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