Tube or Tube­less


Much like with most other au­dio com­po­nents, when con­sid­er­ing a phono stage the quandary of whether to-tube or not-to-tube comes into the mix. Three dif­fer­ent types of phono stages ex­ist: solid-state, valve or hy­brid. The bulk of phono stage prod­ucts, es­pe­cially those in the more af­ford­able range are of solid-state / tran­sis­tor de­signs but there con­tin­ues to be a num­ber of valve / tube-based prod­ucts, as well as those which are of a hy­brid de­sign – uti­liz­ing a com­bi­na­tion of solid-state and tube. In th­ese hy­brid de­signs, the tubes are typ­i­cally used as an out­put buf­fer to con­di­tion and

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