Kim­ber Kable 12VS Speaker Ca­ble


Though I’ve had a set of Kim­ber Kable 12VS loud­speaker ca­bles on loan to me from Kim­ber­can, the Cana­dian dis­trib­u­tor, for the past six months, it was in re­view­ing the Au­rum Mon­tan VIII loud­speak­ers that I gained in­sight into the 12VS ca­ble’s char­ac­ter.

The 12VS ca­bles are con­structed of 12 gray and 12 black con­duc­tors that re­sult in two 8 awg con­duc­tors. The set I had was 8 feet long and ter­mi­nated with Post­mas­ter 33 spades (am­p­end) and SBAN ba­nanas (speak­erend). I found the con­struc­tion and ter­mi­na­tions to be of high qual­ity and their girth and braid­ing was im­pres­sive.

In use, the 12VS loud­speaker ca­bles demon­strated pro ciency in de­liv­er­ing a smooth and nat­u­ral sound across the midrange and tre­ble. Vo­cals were de­liv­ered with good fo­cus and de­tail, while avoid­ing an overly an­a­lyt­i­cal pre­sen­ta­tion. There was a mea­sure of kind­ness that the ca­bles of­fered to lesser record­ings, while pro­vid­ing a good mea­sure of trans­parency – enough to re­veal changes in the up­stream play­back chain, as well as dif­fer­ences in the loud­speak­ers. The over­all tonal bal­ance was even, with a slight attenuation of the up­per-tre­ble. I found the 12VS to be most im­pres- sive in its bass per­for­mance; of­fer­ing a tex­tured and full sound with stal­wart dy­nam­ics. Given record­ings that call for im­pact on the low-end the 12VS is a very ca­pa­ble per­former, while re­main­ing over­all neu­tral in char­ac­ter.

I be­lieve the 12VS, given its neu­tral­ity, will work well with most sys­tems hav­ing a neu­tral tone and even bet­ter with those that lean slightly to the brighter side of neu­tral. If you seek a smooth, bal­anced ca­ble with out­stand­ing bass and dy­namic strengths, the Kim­ber 12VS should be one of the ca­bles you au­di­tion.


6’ / pair 12VS with Sban: $405 or 8’: $475 6’ / pair 12VS with PM25 or PM33: $425 or 8’ for $495 Add $30 for Bi-Wire with Sban or $50 for Bi-Wire with PM25 / 33 Look for more de­tails on Kim­ber Kable prod­ucts at:­ or­ber­

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