IMAX Pri­vate The­atre: The Tar­get Mar­ket


It’s no se­cret that the IMAX Pri­vate The­atre is tar­geted at the uber wealthy. After all, the price tag is $2.25 Mil­lion for the IMAX de­sign, equip­ment and in­stal­la­tion support. One also has to build the the­atre shell and fur­nish it, in­clud­ing the seats, light­ing, floor and wall cov­er­ings and so on. The price can in­crease up to $3.0 Mil­lion. Like the first IMAX IPT ad said; “Ev­ery­one has ex­pe­ri­enced it, but few will own it”.

As men­tioned above, the core IMAX busi­nesses are de­ploy­ing IMAX the­atres around the globe and li­cens­ing IMAX tech­nol­ogy to film mak­ers for the cre­ation and re­mas­ter­ing of block­buster and doc­u­men­tary films.

With the re­cent re­lease of Teenage Mu­tant Ninja Tur­tles, and with The Equal­izer and Drac­ula Un­told com­ing out soon, IMAX has had a hand in more than 225 block­buster movies and more than 300 ex­cep­tional doc­u­men­taries. 2013 also marked a year dur­ing which IMAX dig­i­tally re-mas­tered films in lo­cal lan­guages around the world, with nine new films; five in China and one each in Ja­pan, Rus­sia, France and In­dia. And so far in 2014, four new Chi­nese lan­guage IMAX films have been re­leased.

On the com­mer­cial the­atre side, as of June 30, 2014, IMAX had in­stalled 868 the­atres around the globe and had a back­log of new or re­fur­bish­ment the­atre or­ders in ex­cess of 400, an almost 50% higher back­log than last year. IMAX cur­rently has the abil­ity to in­stall ap­prox­i­mately 120 new the­atres per year, so the cur­rent back­log rep­re­sents over three years of business ac­tiv­ity. IMAX cur­rently es­ti­mates that there is room for at least another 1,000 com­mer­cial the­atres around the world.

Although the bulk of IMAX the­atres are in the US, there are in­stal­la­tions in 59 coun­tries, with China be­ing the ma­jor fo­cus of growth over the last few years reach­ing 160 the­atres in­stalled this year.

The IMAX Pri­vate The­atre fo­cus for 2013, 2014 and the early por­tion of 2015 has been and will con­tinue in the tra­di­tional home mar­ket of North Amer­ica, to firm up the de­sign and work out any of the prod­uct bugs.

IMAX in­tends to in­stall an es­ti­mated 10 new IPTs per year for the fore­see­able fu­ture. And the fo­cus of the IPT mar­ket­ing ef­fort will ex­pand to in­clude the in­ter­na­tional mar­kets, par­tic­u­larly those of Rus­sia, Europe and the Mid­dle East.

Let’s shift to the ac­tual IPT and the first in­stal­la­tion and then follow up with what’s new for the IPT and IMAX in gen­eral.

The First IMAX Pri­vate The­atre In­stal­la­tion

The IMAX Pri­vate The­atre Sys­tem in­cludes: • IMAX DMR (Dig­i­tal Re-Mas­ter­ing) movie con­ver­sion tech­nol­ogy, which re­sults in higher im­age and sound fidelity than con­ven­tional cin­ema ex­pe­ri­ences; • ad­vanced, high-res­o­lu­tion dual 4K pro­jec­tors with spe­cial­ized equip­ment and au­to­mated the­atre con­trol sys­tems, which gen­er­ate sig­nif­i­cantly more con­trast and bright­ness than con­ven­tional the­atre sys­tems; • large screens with a com­plex com­pound cur­va­ture and pro­pri­etary the­atre ge­om­e­try, which re­sult in a sub­stan­tially larger field of view so that the screen ex­tends to the edge of a viewer’s pe­riph­eral vi­sion and cre­ates more re­al­is­tic images;

This is the ac­tual plaque that was in­stalled on the out­side of the first IMAX Pri­vate The­atre (IPT) in Bev­erly Hills (De­cem­ber 2013).

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