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With all th­ese ca­bles at my dis­posal, where was the best place to start? As men­tioned in the afore­men­tioned Nor­dost sec­tion on our web­site, Nor­dost sug­gests that the best place to start up­grad­ing ca­bles is at the start of the power chain and then fol­low­ing the sig­nal path. Sim­ply put, this means be­gin­ning with the power ca­bles then power dis­tri­bu­tion, fol­lowed by in­ter­con­nects be­fore end­ing off with the speaker ca­bles. Ac­cord­ing to Nor­dost, AC power dis­tri­bu­tion and ground­ing pro­vides the great­est im­pact on per­for­mance. I fol­lowed this ap­proach in im­ple­ment­ing the Heim­dall 2 ca­bles in my sys­tem. A point to note is that Nor­dost burnt in their ca­bles for me at the fac­tory, so with a lit­tle warm-up time, I was good to go.

My ref­er­ence sys­tem in­cludes the fol­low­ing: Si­mau­dio Neo 350p preamplifier (re­view forth­com­ing); Brys­ton 4B-SST2 am­pli­fier; Rega Apollo CDP; MS-Vista HP PC paired to a Squeeze Box Touch; Fu­rutech ADL Esprit DAC; Goldring GR1.2 turntable with Pro-Ject Phonobox II SE and quadral Aurum Mon­tan VIII loud­speak­ers. Ca­bles in­clude: Kim­ber Kable PBJ & Hero RCA in­ter­con­nects; Kim­ber Kable 8TC and 4PR speaker ca­bles and; a DH Labs D-750 dig­i­tal-coax in­ter­con­nect.

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