Loud­speaker Ca­bles:


The Heim­dall 2 loud­speaker ca­bles have a unique ap­pear­ance – flat and rib­bon like, with an irides­cent qual­ity that gives them del­i­cacy and style. They are very light and also very flex­i­ble and can be fit­ted with ei­ther Nor­dost’s own ba­nana plugs or spades. The set I had sported ba­nanas, pro­vided a re­sult much like you get from pol­ish­ing a car, once it has been washed and dried. The speaker ca­bles seemed to just in­crease the per­ceived ben­e­fits of ev­ery­thing else down the chain, pro­vid­ing a sense of com­plete­ness. There was a sense of locked-in fo­cus ac­com­pa­nied with added mu­si­cal ease, flow and nat­u­ral­ness. The sounds­tage seemed to drop its defin­ing perime­ter – as though any small rem­nant of noise lim­it­ing its di­men­sions had van­ished into the ether. Dy­nam­ics now were freer flow­ing – ef­fort­less, as it were, and the sound gained a fuller and richer com­po­sure, with added bass weight. Here with another added level of res­o­lu­tion came an ab­sence of etch or gnash. The over­all ben­e­fits of the loud­speaker ca­bles seemed to be holis­tic, main­tain­ing if not bet­ter­ing ev­ery qual­ity that its sis­ter ca­bles had brought to the stage.

Full Loom:

When lis­ten­ing to the al­bum “4” by Fourplay and specif­i­cally the track “Swamp Jazz”, I was en­thralled by the amaz­ing tim­ing and in­stru­ment sep­a­ra­tion. The var­i­ous in­stru­ments were played with per­fect rhythm and clar­ity, al­low­ing easy at­ten­tion to be given to each, in turn. The speed of the Heim­dall 2 loom was clearly ap­par­ent on the drum and cym­bal strikes, as well as with the quick pi­ano keys and strings - crisp, clear, yet al­ways main­tain­ing their fi­nesse, with a smooth and nat­u­rally warm character. Bass depth was well ex­tended and tight down into the low­est re­gion. The Heim­dall 2 had me con­vinced here of its mas­ter­ful abil­ity to bring to­gether com­plex­ity & nu­ance with vigor & mu­si­cal­ity.

Mov­ing to the ti­tle track of Ray La Mon­tagne’s al­bum, “God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise”, the open­ing gui­tar had re­mark­able tex­ture and body res­o­nance. The drums were pro­duced with amaz­ing height and size, beck­on­ing me to tilt my head up­ward when giv­ing at­ten­tion to their place­ment within the grand sounds­tage. Th­ese drums also had won­der­ful dy­namic punch and solid weight lend­ing to my ex­hil­a­ra­tion. Ray’s raspy voice came through with a life­like pres­ence. Again here, both my sys­tem and the walls of my room fell away and I was left only per­ceiv­ing the per­for­mance.

With Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain and the track “Concierto De Aran­juez (Ada­gio)” I was smit­ten by the speed and the dy­namic swings of the in­stru­ments within the orches­tra. The cas­tanets and per­cus­sion had an in­cred­i­bly in-room feel and at times I found my­self jerk­ing in re­sponse to the quick move­ments. The sound of the brass in­stru­ments was lu­cidly ren­dered, with their nat­u­ral bite in­tact – clear, sharp but never edgy or harsh. Think of a trum­pet play­ing close quarters – there it was, think of shak­ers and cas­tanets close by – there they were. In­tri­ca­cies of the sounds­tage and venue were laid bare in a most elo­quent man­ner and I was drawn-in closer to re-liv­ing the live ex­pe­ri­ence than I’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced in my room be­fore.


I think I’ve said enough but if my en­thu­si­asm for the Heim­dall 2 is not yet ev­i­dent then I apol­o­gize for my own in­ad­e­quacy in telling their story. Just take my word for it, I’m awestruck! In all re­spects, from trans­parency, tonal­ity, low noise, de­tail, im­agery, fo­cus, co­herency, tim­ing and mu­si­cal en­gage­ment, I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced no bet­ter to date. I can’t say the Heim­dall 2 is in­ex­pen­sive (very few great things are) but what I can say is that Nor­dost Heim­dall 2 is mar­velous, de­li­ciously so. Go­ing back to my orig­i­nal ques­tion – what does the Old Norse story of Heim­dall have to do with th­ese ca­bles, other than the name? All I can guess is that Nor­dost in­tends to bring us a lit­tle closer to heaven, if not the gods with Heim­dall 2, and I think they’ve suc­ceeded. For sheer per­for­mance, the Nor­dost Heim­dall 2 cable line is awarded a CANADA HiFi Mag­a­zine Ed­i­tor’s Choice Award.

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