you may find on var­i­ous prod­ucts. Your ex­ter­nal DAC need not be a ded­i­cated com­po­nent. A mod­ern re­ceiver with dig­i­tal in­puts will work per­fectly well too.

The NAD M50 is a per­fect ex­am­ple of a “server-only” DMP but ter­fac­ing with com­put­ers, tablets or smart­phones should you choose to. Fi­nally, the M50 adds one last but im­por­tant fea­ture; its op­ti­cal drive, which al­lows it to play CDs di­rectly, or rip them to the M52 Mu­sic Vault in about 10 min­utes. The Sonos wired / wire­less HiFi sys­tem is per­haps the most pop­u­lar DMP in the world. How­ever, it doesn’t fall neatly into ei­ther prod­uct cat­e­gory. It con­sists of Sonos speak­ers and a de­vice like a smart­phone or a tablet run­ning the Sonos App. Un­like tra­di­tional pas­sive units, Sonos speak­ers are ac­tive. They con­tain a built-in mu­sic streamer, DAC, am­pli­fier and the speaker it­self. When you play mu­sic with a Sonos sys­tem, the app wire­lessly streams the con­tent to

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