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NOW Magazine - Anniversary special - - Toronto Symphony Orchestra -

‘Peo­ple are sick of the tire­some at­ti­tude in fancy restau­rants, pay­ing $46.50 for a salad and a Per­rier, and will dis­cover the beauty of cooking at home. We’ll get back to the ba­sics. No more of th­ese plates of designer food look­ing like the chef sneezed on them.” – about over­priced restau­rant dining. “Once prime deal­ers of the fast thrash, they’ve quickly de­te­ri­o­rated into no more than a pa­thet­i­cally dull­wit­ted beer ad­ver­tise­ment.” – about Bos­ton’s Gang Green “For a woman who spent 12 years with Clint East­wood, Son­dra Locke doesn’t brood much.” – on Clint the Squint’s ex “Madonna’s been called ev­ery­thing from a slut to a saint to a ge­nius to a bitch, but like her or not, this woman has con­trived a per­sona that has be­come a to­tal suc­cess, and you’ve got to re­spect that.” – about the Ma­te­rial Girl, live at the Skydome “To­tal Re­call was once a David Cro­nen­berg project – a mouth-wa­ter­ing prospect sug­gest­ing a se­ries of hal­lu­ci­na­tory, para­noid mind-games. Now it’s just dumb.” – about Ah-nuld’s Mar­tian chron­i­cle To­tal Re­call “Has any­one else no­ticed that it sounds as if he wrote one song years ago and just keeps chang­ing the lyrics with each new sin­gle since then?” – about Phil Collins live at the Skydome “The most in­ter­est­ing as­pect of the evening was fig­ur­ing out whether the band said ‘fuck’ more of­ten than ‘hey Toronto.’” – about Möt­ley Crüe live at Skydome

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