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NOW Magazine - Anniversary special - - Toronto Symphony Orchestra -

“St­inx.” – about folk-soul singer Vinx’s I Love My Job LP, in what is the short­est NOW re­view ever. “Wayne’s World may be set in Chicago, but the hoser world view is in place.” – about Wayne’s World “It’s un­likely they will ever be ac­cepted by the mu­sic estab­lish­ment as se­ri­ous artists.” – about the Beastie Boys “I en­joyed Bat­man Re­turns, though I am about to make rude re­marks about it.” – about the Bat-se­quel “Dollar for dollar, the worst movie of the year.” – about Ba­sic In­stinct “It would ap­pear that the thou­sands upon thou­sands of Toron­to­ni­ans who helped make Canada the world’s largest sales ter­ri­tory for Rox­ette aren’t that big on live con­certs.” – about a rather poorly at­tended live con­cert by Swedish pop band Rox­ette

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