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We don’t want sex go­ing on in parks and in the streets, so do we re­ally want to be clamp­ing down on this? – Coun­cil­lor Kyle Rae on the po­lice crack­down on sex rooms in down­town gay bars It has never been Star­bucks’ in­ten­tion to put any­one out of busi­ness. – Star­bucks rep Jeanne McKay on the Dooney’s takeover protest He’s got that won­der­ful flaw in a politi­cian – he’s mod­est. We have to beat that out of him. – Robert Nixon, for­mer trea­surer of On­tario, on Ger­ard Kennedy run­ning for the lead­er­ship of the pro­vin­cial Lib­er­als. This is the ur­ban equiv­a­lent of clear-cut­ting. – preser­va­tion­ist John Martins-Man­teiga on the art deco Wool­worth build­ing at 311 Bay sched­uled to be flat­tened to make way for a Bud­get Rent a Car park­ing lot Rap­ping is start­ing to hit a low point. The nine-six is go­ing to be the year of the DJ. – Funkmas­ter Flex Ev­ery so of­ten I’ll get a ques­tion like, “What was the last week of Kurt [Cobain]’s life like?” If I’d just met you and knew that your best friend had died, the last thing I’d do is ask you about it.… – Nir­vana drum­mer and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl

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