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FE­BRU­ARY The first Poké­mon video game is re­leased and a craze is born. APRIL “Un­abomber” Theodore Kaczyn­ski is ar­rested at his Mon­tana cabin. NOW web­site launches. JUNE The Gu­vern­ment opens. JULY Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mam­mal, is born. AU­GUST The Ra­mones play their last show ever at Lol­la­palooza. Osama bin Laden writes The Dec­la­ra­tion Of Ji­had On The Amer­i­cans Oc­cu­py­ing the Coun­try Of The Two Sa­cred Places, his first open call for war. A con­sor­tium of pri­vate-sec­tor com­pa­nies pro­poses to the metro Catholic school board to buy 18 of its schools and rent them back. Tu­pac Shakur is shot fol­low­ing the Mike Tyson bout in Ve­gas and dies six days later, en­flam­ing the East Coast-West Coast rap ri­valry. Seven anti-Mike Har­ris pro­tes­tors who pour a blood-like sub­stance on the steps of Queen’s Park are ac­quit­ted of tres­pass charges. An­nex res­i­dents or­ga­nize to save café Dooney’s from a Star­bucks takeover. OC­TO­BER Days Of Ac­tion Against Mike Har­ris – one-day public ser­vice strike (TTC, postal ser­vice, schools) – and mas­sive demo the next day (over 100,000 march up Uni­ver­sity to the leg­is­la­ture). En­vi­ron­ment Canada says al­low­ing jets at the Toronto Is­land air­port would cause more traf­fic and more pol­lu­tion. The re­port comes just af­ter city coun­cil votes down an­other pro­posal to let jets use the air­port. RIP: Clarke Rogers, artis­tic direc­tor, Theatre Passe Mu­raille. NOVEM­BER Tories start to push megac­ity pro­posal to amal­ga­mate six mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties into one. It takes two years to hap­pen. DE­CEM­BER Six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ram­sey is found mur­dered in her fam­ily’s base­ment in Boul­der, Colorado.

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