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I don’t give a fuck. – Coun­cil­lor Kyle Rae re­spond­ing to crit­ics com­ment­ing on his at­tend­ing the Leather Ball Some peo­ple might con­sider me a mama’s boy. But I asked my mom and she doesn’t think so. – Nigel Lezama, one of the 50 per cent of 20-to-34-year-old males living at home When you gam­ble against Mother Na­ture, you tend to lose. – Coun­cil­lor Joe Pan­talone on city snow re­moval af­ter the year’s big storms Hiphop purists can eat a dick. – Jay-Z This is the kind of record you want to turn up full blast, put on those leo­tards, hip boots and your bathing cap and do the frog right there in the mid­dle of your drive­way. – Tom Waits on his Mule Vari­a­tions al­bum I’m try­ing to die unashamed. – Motör­head front­man Lemmy Kilmis­ter’s per­sonal code for living It was like a gi­ant hem­or­rhoid. – Chan­tal Kre­vi­azuk on the stress of an­tic­i­pat­ing her sec­ond al­bum I don’t talk to NOW. You’re not fair. – Mayor Mel Last­man out­side an in­vite-only bash at the Court­house night­club

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