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“There are times when medi­ocre rock acts re­deem their ques­tion­able ma­te­rial by putting on fun and en­thu­si­as­tic live shows. This was not one of them.” – about Nick­el­back “Like one of those larger-than-life choco­late Easter bun­nies, once you crack the sweet retro-swank sur­face, you’re left with some­thing soul­less. ” – about elec­tro­clash “What is it with metal guys? You have one fuck­ing job – to get out on­stage and play. How hard is it to do on time?” – about nu metal band KoRn live “Sur­ren­der, be­cause there’s no stop­ping this amaz­ing tal­ent. ” – about Eminem’s The Eminem Show “Go­ing to a Te­na­cious D show for the mu­sic is kinda like read­ing Play­boy for the ar­ti­cles. ” – about the D “Sure, they’ve over­stretched them­selves, but Phar­rell Wil­liams and Chad Hugo are re­spon­si­ble for some of 2002’s most mem­o­rable R&B mo­ments, from Nelly’s Hot In Herre and Bey­oncé’s Work It Out to Justin Tim­ber­lake’s shock­ingly funky solo set. The Nep­tunes were the sound­track to your lives this year.” – about the Nep­tunes’ dom­i­nant in­flu­ence “The best party al­bum of the year, hands down. An old-skool shout-out, a Hey Ladies sam­ple and a les­son in eat­ing pussy in one fell swoop? ” – about Missy El­liott’s Un­der Con­struc­tion

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