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All I know is that we’re gonna rock your asses off. Lit­er­ally. Fas­ten your ass belts.

– Enis Es­mer of quasi-mu­si­cal group Calcu-La­tor & the Oral Pre­sen­ta­tion Cen­sor­ship isn’t all bad, though. For­tu­nately, they’re not play­ing Phil Collins’s In The Air Tonight any more. – the Del­ga­dos’Alun Wood­ward on hav­ing their song All You Need Is Hate banned by the BBC af­ter com­ments about the Iraq War They in­vited a whole bunch of peo­ple who were in town on the Warped Tour. The only one that weirded me out at first was Paris. – NOW’s first Paris Hil­ton ref­er­ence, cour­tesy of Chris Shi­flett of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes In New York they’re scream­ing about how it’s go­ing to cost them $70 bil­lion. Here, it’s like,‘Fuck it, wanna get a beer? Sure hope it’s still cold.’ – comic Daryn Jones on the black­out As Vol­cano be­comes more suc­cess­ful, my in­come has dropped enor­mously. I haven’t been able to take any big act­ing gigs. My agent is ex­as­per­ated. I’m work­ing all the time but I’m hav­ing more trou­ble buy­ing food. – Ross Manson, direc­tor of Vol­cano, NOW’s best indie theatre com­pany

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