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THE WOMEN’S, ANY­WHERE Granted, public wash­room sex isn’t ev­ery­one’s cup of tea, but some of you out there love it, for what­ever rea­son: you just can­not wait un­til you get home, the al­ley­way is cold and/or dirty, plus your ’nads get tingly from the idea of public sex. What­ever. Girls’ wash­rooms are of­ten rel­a­tively clean, which is nice, and have lots of stalls to choose from, which means the odds of some­one forc­ing her way into yours while some­one is be­ing pen­e­trated with some­thing are pretty slim. It helps to be a les­bian, but mod­ern times be­ing what they are, there shouldn’t be any trou­ble sneak­ing in some­one of the less fair sex.

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