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(Jerry Roth­well, UK/Canada). 112 min­utes. Rat­ing: NNNNN Long be­fore Twit­ter and Face­book, eco­pi­oneer/jour­nal­ist Bob Hunter was “go­ing vi­ral” with ana­log “mind bombs” – con­scious­ness-shift­ing news feeds that cat­a­pulted mod­ern en­vi­ron­men­tal ac­tivism into the fore­front.

Armed with a 16mm cam­era and a leaky fish­ing boat, Hunter and his band of hip­pie sci­en­tists, sailors, mys­tics and me­chan­ics set out in the early 70s to stop atomic testing and then whal­ing ships, along the way giv­ing birth to one of the world’s largest and best known en­viro orgs, Green­peace.

Jerry Roth­well has mas­ter­fully edited all-ac­cess reels of archival footage into a grip­ping tale of rev­o­lu­tion­ary change-mak­ers on the high seas, soaked with in­trigue, ac­tion, heartache and larger-than-life char­ac­ters. Amidst crash­ing waves and clash­ing egos, Hunter (whose po­etic writ­ing is voiced by ac­tor Barry Pep­per) con­cedes the weak­est part of a revo­lu­tion is of­ten the peo­ple them­selves.

The vi­sion­ary Green­peace co­founder may no longer be with us, but his le­gacy lives on in this pow­er­ful film that should stir movie go­ers into be­liev­ing that a small group of determined in­di­vid­u­als can make a dif­fer­ence – and that, as Hunter states, a cam­era can change the world more eas­ily than a gun.

See Q& A with Emily Hunter, page 23 in the pa­per. ADRIA VASIL Apr 26, 1 pm, Bloor Hot Docs, April 27, 9: 30pm, Bloor Hot Docs

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