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STAGE BEAUTY (Richard Eyre) Rat­ing: NNNN

This is a rowdy, bawdy, gen­der-bendy pe­riod piece set at the mo­ment in Restora­tion drama when women were first per­mit­ted to per­form on­stage. Crudup is be­witch­ingly be­wil­dered as the last male ac­tor to por­tray a woman in Shake­speare; Danes is rawly, naively gor­geous as the first fe­male ac­tor to do so. En­mity, ro­mance and sly, sub­tle scenery-chew­ing en­sue. The rock-solid sup­port­ing cast in­cludes Ru­pert Everett as the leer­ing King Charles II and Richard Grif­fiths as Danes’s frilly, pow­dered pro­tec­tor. Al­most crude, and funny. (105 min­utes, Septem­ber 15, 6:30 pm, Roy Thom­son Hall; Septem­ber 16, 9:30 am, Ry­er­son)

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