How bad tran­sit made me a bigot


Re Rage And Racism On The TTC, by Alok Mukher­jee (NOW, July 21-27). I, too, have been rid­ing the TTC all my life.

As a kid I would take the bus from Keele north of Wil­son to Har­bord to pick up the street­car to my dad’s busi­ness at Broad­view and Eastern.

I would travel alone, and I knew more about how to act on tran­sit than some adults to­day. And it has made me a bigot.

I am tired of the ridicu­lous rule change that al­lows dogs on the TTC. Now we don’t just have vomit on the Queen car, but dog fe­ces.

I am also tired of street­car pas­sen­gers wait­ing to exit till the last mo­ment at the sta­tion and then push­ing through in­com­ing pas­sen­gers.

I am tired of peo­ple on their cell­phones shout­ing at the top of their lungs. Or those who get on the car and don’t have their fare ready. I am tired of ev­ery­one get­ting on the al­ready packed first car when they can see an emp­tier one just be­hind.

And mostly I am tired of the fact that some of th­ese be­hav­iours can be at­trib­uted to dif­fer­ent eth­nic groups.

Adam Berel Wet­stein Toronto

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