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ARIES Mar 21 | Apr 19 “Cre­ative peo­ple are at greater risk,” said psy­chi­a­trist R. D. Laing, “just as one who climbs a moun­tain is more at risk than one who walks along a vil­lage lane.” I bring this to your at­ten­tion, Aries, be­cause in the com­ing weeks you will have the po­ten­tial to be abun­dantly cre­ative, as well as ex­tra imag­i­na­tive, in­ge­nious and in­no­va­tive. But I should also let you know that if you want to ful­fill this po­ten­tial, you must be will­ing to work with the ex­tra tests and chal­lenges that life throws your way. For ex­am­ple, you could be asked to drop a pose, re­nounce lame ex­cuses or re­claim pow­ers that you gave away once upon a time.

TAU­RUS Apr 20 | May 20 Tau­rus mu­si­cian Brian Eno has been suc­cess­ful as a com­poser, pro­ducer, singer and vis­ual artist. Among his many col­lab­o­ra­tors have been David Byrne, David Bowie, U2, Cold­play, Laurie Anderson, Grace Jones and James Blake. Eno’s bi­og­ra­pher David Shep­pard tes­ti­fied that cap­tur­ing his essence in a book was “like pack­ing a sky­scraper into a suit­case.” I sus­pect that de­scrip­tion may fit you dur­ing the next four weeks, Tau­rus. You’re gear­ing up for some high- in­ten­sity liv­ing. But please don’t be ner­vous about it. Although you may be led into in­ti­mate con­tact with un­fa­mil­iar themes and mys­te­ri­ous pas­sions, the story you ac­tu­al­ize should feel quite nat­u­ral.

GEM­INI May 21 | Jun 20 You are free! Or almost free! Or let me put it this way: you could be­come sig­nif­i­cantly freer if you choose to be – if you ex­ert your willpower to snatch the lib­er­at­ing ex­pe­ri­ences that are avail­able. For ex­am­ple, you could be free from a slip­pery obli­ga­tion that has driven you to say things you don’t mean. You could be free from the temp­ta­tion to dis­tort your soul in ser­vice to your ego. You might even be free to go af­ter what you re­ally want rather than in­dulging in lazy lust for a gag­gle of me­diocre thrills. Be brave, Gem­ini. De­fine your top three eman­ci­pat­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties and pur­sue them with vigour and rigour.

CAN­CER Jun 21 | Jul 22 Have you been feel­ing twinges of per­plex­ity? Do you find your­self im­mersed in me­an­der­ing med­i­ta­tions that make you doubt your com­mit­ments? Are you en­ter­tain­ing weird fan­tasies that give you odd lit­tle shiv­ers and quiv­ers? I hope so! As an an­a­lyzer of cy­cles, I sus­pect that now is an ex­cel­lent time to ques­tion ev­ery­thing. You could have a lot of fun play­ing with rid­dles and wrestling with enig­mas. Please note, how­ever, that I’m not ad­vis­ing you to aban­don what you’ve been work­ing on and run away. Now is a time for fer­tile in­quiry, not for rash ac­tions. It’s healthy to con­tem­plate ad­just­ments, but not to ini­ti­ate mas­sive over­hauls.

LEO Jul 23 | Aug 22 “Ev­ery­body is deal­ing with how much of their own alive­ness they can bear and how much they need to anes­thetize them­selves,” writes psy­cho­an­a­lytic writer Adam Phillips. Where do you fit on this scale, Leo? What­ever your usual place might be, I’m guess­ing that in the com­ing weeks you will ap­proach record- break­ing lev­els in your abil­ity to han­dle your own alive­ness. You may even sum­mon and cel­e­brate mas­sive amounts of alive­ness that you had pre­vi­ously sup­pressed. In fact, I’ll reck­lessly spec­u­late that your need to numb your­self will be closer to zero than it has been since you were five years old. ( I could be ex­ag­ger­at­ing a bit, but maybe not!)

VIRGO Aug 23 | Sep 22 Do you pe­ri­od­i­cally turn the vol­ume down on your mind’s end­less chat­ter and tune into the still, small voice within you? Have you de­vel­oped re­li­able tech­niques for es­cap­ing the daily frenzy so as to make your­self avail­able for the Wild Si­lence that re­stores and re­vi­tal­izes? If so, now would be a good time to make ag­gres­sive use of those ca­pac­i­ties. And if you haven’t at­tended well to these rit­u­als of self- care, please rem­edy the sit­u­a­tion. Claim more power to com­mune with your depths. In the com­ing weeks, most of your best in­for­ma­tion will flow from the sweet dark­ness.

LI­BRA Sep 23 | Oct 22 One of your vices could at least tem­po­rar­ily act as a virtue. In an odd twist, one of your virtues may also briefly func­tion like a vice. And there’s more to this mys­te­ri­ous turn of events. A so- called li­a­bil­ity could be use­ful in your ef­forts to solve a dilemma, while a re­li­able as­set might cloud your dis­cern­ment or cause a mis­cal­cu­la­tion. I’m riff­ing here, Li­bra, in the hopes of stim­u­lat­ing your imag­i­na­tion as you work your way through the para­dox­i­cal days ahead. Con­sider this in­trigu­ing pos­si­bil­ity: an in­flu­ence that you like and value may hold you back, even as some­thing or some­one you’ve pre­vi­ously been almost al­ler­gic to could be quite help­ful.

SCOR­PIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 Be­tween now and the sol­stice on De­cem­ber 21, you will have ex­tra­or­di­nary power to trans­form into a more prac­ti­cal, well­grounded ver­sion of your­self. You may sur­prise your­self with how nat­u­rally you can shed be­liefs and habits that no longer serve you. Now try say­ing the fol­low­ing af­fir­ma­tions and see how they feel com­ing out of your mouth: “I am an earthy re­al­ist. I am a fact- lover and an il­lu­sion- buster. I love ac­tions that ac­tu­ally work more than I like the­o­ries that I wish would work. I’d rather cre­ate con­struc­tive change than be renowned for my clever dreams.” SAGIT­TAR­IUS Nov 22 | Dec 21 De­spite your sign’s rep­u­ta­tion, you Sagit­tar­i­ans don’t al­ways re­quire vast ex­panses to roam in. You aren’t cease­lessly rest­less, on an in­ex­haustible quest for un­ex­pected ex­pe­ri­ences and fresh teach­ings. And no, you are not for­ever con­sumed with the pri­mal roar of raw life, ob­sessed with the naked truth and fiercely de­voted to ex­plo­ration for its own sake. But hav­ing said that, I sus­pect that you may at least be flirt­ing with these ex­treme states in the com­ing weeks. Your key­note, lifted from Vir­ginia Woolf’s diary: “I need space. I need air. I need the empty fields round me; and my legs pound­ing along roads; and sleep; and an­i­mal ex­is­tence.”

CAPRI­CORN Dec 22 | Jan 19 “If you can’t get rid of the skele­ton in your closet,” said Ge­orge Bernard Shaw, “you had best teach it to dance.” This ad­vice is wor­thy of your con­sid­er­a­tion, Capri­corn. You may still be un­able to ex­punge a cer­tain karmic debt, and it may be harder than ever to hide, so I sug­gest you dream up a way to play with it – maybe even have some dark fun with it. And who knows? Your will­ing­ness to loosen up might at least al­le­vi­ate the angst your skele­ton causes you – and may ul­ti­mately trans­form it in some un­pre­dictably help­ful way.

AQUAR­IUS Jan 20 | Feb 18 “No pain, no gain” is a mod­ern ex­pres­sion of an old idea. In a se­cond- cen­tury Jewish book of ethics, Rabbi Ben Hei Hei wrote, “Ac­cord­ing to the pain is the gain.” Eigh­teen­th­cen­tury English poet Robert Her­rick said, “If lit­tle labour, lit­tle are our gains: Man’s fate is ac­cord­ing to his pains.” But I’m here to tell you, Aquar­ius, that I don’t think this pre­scrip­tion will ap­ply to you in the com­ing weeks. From what I can sur­mise, your great­est gains will emerge from the ab­sence of pain. You will learn and im­prove through re­lease, re­lax­ation, gen­eros­ity, ex­pan­sive­ness and plea­sure.

PISCES Feb 19 | Mar 20 The less ego­tis­ti­cal you are, the more likely it is that you will at­tract what you re­ally need. If you do nice things for peo­ple with­out expecting favours in re­turn, your men­tal and phys­i­cal health will im­prove. As you in­crease your mas­tery of the art of em­pa­thy, your cre­ativ­ity will also thrive. Ev­ery­thing I just said is al­ways true, of course, but it will be in­tensely, em­phat­i­cally true for you dur­ing the next four weeks. So I sug­gest you make it a top pri­or­ity to ex­plore the fol­low­ing cos­mic rid­dle: prac­tis­ing un­selfish­ness will serve your self­ish goals.

Home­work: A What A fa­mous A his­tor­i­cal A per­son age A were A you A in A your A past A life? A If A you A don’ t A know A or A weren’ t A re­ally, A make A some­thing A up. A Tes­tify A at A Free will astrol­ogy. com.

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