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The Toronto DJ/pro­ducer had a good week


Can you name a (non-Drake) Toron­to­nian whose free al­bum was shared by Peo­ple, Esquire, Maxim and hun­dreds of mu­sic sites around the world all on the same day? It’s been that kind of week for Coins.

In March 2014, the Toronto DJ/pro­ducer born Peter Chap­man had a lay­over in Chicago on his way to SXSW. The Beastie Boys had re­cently shared their raw vo­cal tracks on­line, so “I started play­ing with those,” Chap­man tells NOW. “It was lit­er­ally just some­thing to do be­cause I was bored in an air­port.

“Once I got to Austin, I played it for some friends in the car and they all kinda freaked out, so I fin­ished it once I got home.”

Re­leased in July 2014, Daft Sci­ence is an al­bum of Beastie Boys remixes us­ing only Daft Punk sam­ples. It “sat on Band­camp for free for two and a half years, and got down­loaded around 400 times and I kinda for­got about it,” says Chap­man.

Then last Mon­day, Novem­ber 14, Red­dit user Rain­bowDy­na­mite anony­mously shared the al­bum on Daft Punk’s ded­i­cated Red­dit fo­rum. EDM web­site Danc­ing Astro­naut posted their own story the next day.

Beastie Boys and Daft Punk fans be­gan shar­ing the al­bum on Twit­ter and Face­book. Dan­ger­ous Minds and Fact Mag­a­zine posted it, and the al­bum started get­ting down­loaded hun­dreds of times per hour, max­ing out Coins’ free down­load lim­its on Band­camp and Soundcloud alike.

Within hours, Peo­ple Mag­a­zine was calling the al­bum “in­cred­i­ble.” Maxim, Vice and Giz­modo pub­lished sto­ries, too. The AV Club called it “in­sanely hot,” while Esquire Mag­a­zine en­thused, “It’s in­cred­i­ble. It sounds ex­actly like what The Weeknd is at­tempt­ing with his new al­bum, or what Kanye wanted on Yeezus.” (Esquire has also agreed to send Chap­man some fash­ion­able socks.)

Daft Sci­ence has been streamed 1,138,000 times, with 16,000 down­loads, since Novem­ber 15.

Chap­man says he even­tu­ally had to dis­able down­load­ing af­ter pay­ing Band­camp $450 to keep it free. (Band­camp gives you 200 free down­loads per month, and then you have to pay for them.) He won’t ac­cept pay­ment for the tracks, since they were built en­tirely with sam­ples.

“It was a su­per-fun project that I did out of to­tal love and re­spect for the Beast­ies and Daft Punk.”

Lis­ten at coins­makey­­­bum/daft-sci­ence. 3 mu­sic@now­ | @mikesmall­rules

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