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NOW Magazine - - SAVAGE LOVE - By Dan Sav­age

I’M A VERY SEX-POS­I­TIVE GIRL AND I FI­NALLY con­vinced my boyfriend to open up about his fetishes. I could tell he was ashamed and torn about shar­ing them with me, but I’ve been with my fair share of guys and surfed the net for years, so I was con­vinced noth­ing would shock me. Well, it turns out he’s into soft vore. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit put off, but of course I didn’t tell him. I started look­ing for in­for­ma­tion about his fetish, and it’s not as un­com­mon as I thought. I stum­bled upon many web­sites for like-minded peo­ple, and my un­der­stand­ing of it is that vores re­ally long for in­ti­macy and pro­tec­tion. Is my in­ter­pre­ta­tion cor­rect? Also, af­ter learning about it, I re­al­ized it’s less ex­treme than some of the stuff we usu­ally en­gage in, like heavy BDSM, so I want him to feel ful­filled. Is there any way I can help him “act out” his fetish? He would like to be the eatee.

Fully Un­der­stand­ing Lover’s Longings

Vore, for read­ers who aren’t fa­mil­iar with the term, refers to a spec­trum of kinks that in­volve be­ing eaten alive or eat­ing an­other crea­ture alive. Vore is di­vided be­tween “soft” and “hard,” kind of like BDSM. Soft vore doesn’t re­quire sim­u­lated blood­shed (it mostly in­volves fan­tasies of be­ing swal­lowed whole), whereas hard vore in­volves the (imag­i­nary!) rip­ping of flesh and the (sim­u­lated!) shed­ding of blood. Large crea­tures ca­pa­ble of swal­low­ing and/or de­vour­ing hu­mans are im­por­tant to this kink, as you’ll dis­cover if you do an im­age search for “vore” on Google. Since most vore fan­tasies in­volve crea­tures that qual­ify as fan­tas­ti­cal beasts, i.e., large and nonex­is­tent beasts (megakink­fauna?), vore fetishists are forced to con­struct elab­o­rate fan­tasy nar­ra­tives, build their own crea­tures or seek em­ploy­ment at the Jim Hen­son Com­pany (where they can sneak in af­ter hours and re­pur­pose vore-scale Mup­pets) in or­der to get off. Be­fore you can de­ter­mine which way to go – as­sum­ing your boyfriend wants to “act out” his fan­tasies in the first place – you’ll have to get more de­tails. Is he into the in­ti­macy and pro­tec­tion as­pects of vore? Is it an ex­ten­sion of a mouth and/or preg­nancy fetish? Does an in­ter­est in bondage fac­tor in? Learning more about what gets him go­ing, be­sides the whole be­ing-eaten-alive thing, is the first step. Once you know ex­actly what it is about vore that turns him on, FULL, be­gin your ex­plo­rations with role-play and dirty talk. Ramp­ing things up slowly is al­ways a good idea with var­sity-level kinks, so try sex­ting each other and/or cre­at­ing dirty vore sto­ries to­gether over email. If your boyfriend wants to get phys­i­cal, start with mouthy things like bit­ing, lick­ing, suck­ing, etc, com­bined with dirty talk about di­gesty things like chew­ing, swal­low­ing, gas­tric juic­ing, etc. If ev­ery­thing goes well, you try to bring his fan­tasies to life us­ing props, cos­tumes and stage blood. Try zip­ping him up in a sleep­ing bag to sim­u­late be­ing in a stom­ach – fill­ing it with a gooey liq­uid will make it feel more like the in­side of some fan­tas­ti­cal beast’s stom­ach – but be care­ful not to smother him if you do “full en­clo­sure.” (Smoth­er­ing some­one to death, in­ten­tion­ally or un­in­ten­tion­ally, is bad. #The­MoreY­ouKnow) Fi­nally, FULL, I want to com­mend you for not freak­ing out when your boyfriend shared his kink. You lis­tened calmly, you did a lit­tle re­search and you gave it some thought. For that, I’m up­grad­ing your GGG card to plat­inum.

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