I’m buy­ing my first sex toy

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ANY AD­VICE FOR A FIRST-TIME SEX TOY buyer? I’m look­ing into vi­bra­tors, but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on some­thing that doesn’t do it for me.

Very Into Buy­ing Elec­tron­ics “VIBE should go to a sex shop in per­son so she can phys­i­cally pick up and turn on the mod­els she’s con­sid­er­ing buy­ing,” said Erika Moen. “If pos­si­ble, go to a shop that ad­ver­tises it­self with any of the fol­low­ing words: fem­i­nist, queer, LGBTQ+, sex-pos­i­tive, woman-friendly, trans-friendly or in­clu­sive, as these places tend to be staffed by peo­ple who are pas­sion­ate and gen­uinely in­vested in help­ing folks of all walks of life.” Moen and her part­ner, Matthew Nolan, have been mak­ing the Oh Joy Sex Toy comic for three years, which com­bines re­views of sex toys with re­ally awe­some/hi­lar­i­ous/rad­i­cally in­clu­sive sex ed. And Moen, who has per­son­ally tested hun­dreds of sex toys, wants you to rub one or two out be­fore you go shop­ping. “VIBE should pay at­ten­tion to the kind of ac­tion that feels good or gets her off,” said Moen. “Does your clit like su­per-di­rect fo­cus? The smaller the head of the vi­bra­tor, the more laser-like the pre­ci­sion. Do you like lots of over­all, en­gulf­ing stim­u­la­tion that cov­ers a lot of ground? The larger the head, the more sur­face area it’ll cover, and the vi­bra­tions will be more gen­er­ally dis­trib­uted across the en­tire vulva, from outer labia to clit.” For best re­sults, Moen rec­om­mends buy­ing two toys, VIBE, if you can swing the ex­pense. “Get a generic bul­let vibe first,” said Moen. “They’re about $15 to $20 – it’s a model that has a con­trol box you hold in one hand and a cord that con­nects to a sim­ple vi­brat­ing egg shape that you hold in your mas­tur­bat­ing hand. Try it out at home, and then based on how you did or did not en­joy it, pur­chase a more ex­pen­sive, high-qual­ity model ($60 to $120) based on the kind of vi­bra­tional stim­u­la­tion you learned you want (or don’t want) from that first cheaply made model. Per­son­ally, I rec­om­mend the Minna Li­mon and Vi­bra­tex’s Mys­tic Wand for smaller-sized, de­cently pow­ered vi­bra­tors. And then the big guns that’ll blast you to the moon and back are the Doxy and Vi­bra­tex’s Magic Wand (for­merly known as the Hi­tachi Magic Wand). Best of luck to you!” Oh Joy Sex Toy: Vol­ume Three, a new col­lec­tion of Moen and Nolan’s ter­rific col­umn/ comic, was re­cently re­leased by Limer­ence Press. Fol­low Moen on Twit­ter @ErikaMoen.

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