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My wife has been se­ri­ously ill for

three years, and I have been her sole care­giver. The doc­tors here weren’t get­ting the job done, so we made the dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion for her to move 2,000 miles away to start over and be near her fam­ily. Our sex life has been nonex­is­tent since she be­came ill. She of­fered me a “hall pass” with two rules: (1) It couldn’t be any­one I worked with, and (2) she didn’t want to know about it. She of­fered mul­ti­ple times, but I was tak­ing care of her 24/7 and never used it. I started to con­sider us­ing it af­ter she moved. But I didn’t want to just find some ran­dom per­son on Tin­der. You see, I am a cross­dresser. My wife knows. She’s never seen me dressed and isn’t in­ter­ested in know­ing more about it. So in­stead of pay­ing for a tra­di­tional es­cort, I found some­one who would dress me, do my makeup, go out to din­ner with me, but no sex. We met three times. How­ever, one time I did hire a trans woman who dressed me and we did have sex. Ob­vi­ously, I had to lie at times about where I was when I was us­ing my hall pass, but I con­sid­ered it a white lie to meet Rule #2. But my wife flew home unan­nounced to get her things (with her ex-hus­band along to help) and found my clothes out and quickly got out of me what I had done. She was beyond pissed. She says I had a hall pass for sex but not cross­dress­ing. She be­lit­tled me for the cross-dress­ing and said the sex was sup­posed to be a one­and-done thing. She knew I was a cross-dresser, and I de­rived more plea­sure from this cross­dress­ing ex­pe­ri­ence than hav­ing anony­mous sex with an es­cort. My ques­tions: Did I vi­o­late the hall pass? Was I wrong to cross-dress? Dude Rel­ish­ing Erotic Sexcapades

Sud­denly En­ter­tain­ing Di­vorce P.S. I am quite con­vinc­ing when dressed and blend well in pub­lic.

Your wife went home to get well and “start over.” And it sounds like she got well – at least well enough to fly – and started over with her ex-hus­band. I don’t think you were wrong to cross-dress, DRESSED, and if you vi­o­lated that hall pass, it was only be­cause your soon-to-be-ex-wife didn’t share all the rules with you un­til af­ter you used it. It looks like a setup to me. Your soon-tobe-ex-wife gave you per­mis­sion to fuck some­one else – per­mis­sion that came with rules that were dis­closed and se­cret by­laws and cod­i­cils that were not – be­cause, con­sciously or sub­con­sciously, she wanted to catch you do­ing it wrong (in your case, DRESSED, do­ing it more than once, cross-dress­ing when you did it, etc). Be­cause now she can di­vorce you with a clear con­science, since she’s not to blame for the split – you and your dick and your dresses are to blame. You might want to brace your­self for some hard­core blam­ing and kink-sham­ing, DRESSED, and for the very real pos­si­bil­ity she’ll out you as a cheat and a cross-dresser to fam­ily and friends. But how­ever the di­vorce plays out – and here’s hop­ing it doesn’t get ugly – at least you’ll soon be free to find a part­ner you don’t have to hide your cross-dress­ing from.

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