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ARIES Mar 21 | Apr 19 In my as­tro­log­i­cal opin­ion, your life in the com­ing days should draw in­spi­ra­tion from the an­cient Ro­man fes­ti­val of Satur­na­lia, a six- day bout of rev­elry that en­cour­aged ev­ery­one to in­dulge in plea­sure, speak freely and give gifts. Your im­mi­nent fu­ture could ( and I be­lieve should) also have re­sem­blances to the yearly Doo Dah Pa­rade in Pasadena, which fea­tures a far­ci­cal cav­al­cade of lu­natics, like the Shop­ping Cart Drill Team, The Ra­dioac­tive Chicken Heads, the Army of Toy Sol­diers and the Men of Leisure Syn­chro­nized Nap Team. In other words, Aries, it’s an ex­cel­lent time to set aside your dig­nity and put an em­pha­sis on hav­ing un­in­hib­ited fun; to amuse your­self to the max as you ex­per­i­ment on the fron­tiers of self- ex­pres­sion; to be the per­son you would be if you had noth­ing to lose.

TAURUS It’s time to Rein­vent the Wheel and Redis­cover Fire, Taurus. In my as­tro­log­i­cal opin­ion, you’ll be wast­ing your time un­less you re­turn to the root of all your Big Ques­tions. Every im­por­tant task will man­date you to con­sult your heart’s pri­mal in­tel­li­gence. So don’t mess around with triv­ial plea­sures or tran­si­tory frus­tra­tions that won’t mean any­thing to you a year from now. Be a ma­ture wild child in ser­vice to the core of your cre­ative pow­ers.

GEMINI Writ­ing in The Fu­tur­ist mag­a­zine, Christo­pher Wolf says that the tra­di­tion of eat­ing three hearty meals per day is fad­ing and will even­tu­ally dis­ap­pear. “Graz­ing” will be the op­er­a­tive term for how we get our fill, sim­i­lar to the method used by cave­men and cave­women. The first snack af­ter we awaken, Wolf sug­gests, might be called “daystart.” The en­su­ing four could be dubbed “pulse­break,” “hump­munch,” “hold­meal” and “eves­nack.” In light of your cur­rent as­tro­log­i­cal omens, Gemini, I en­dorse a com­pa­ra­ble ap­proach to ev­ery­thing you do: not a few big doses, but rather fre­quent smaller doses; not in­tense cram­ming but ca­sual brows­ing; not sprawl­ing heroic epics but a se­ries of amus­ing short sto­ries.

CANCER The RIKEN In­sti­tute in Ja­pan ex­per­i­ments with us­ing ion beams to en­hance plant growth. In one no­table case, they cre­ated a new breed of cherry tree that blos­soms four times a year and pro­duces triple the amount of flow­ers. The blooms last longer, too, and the trees thrive un­der a wider span of tem­per­a­tures. In the next 11 months, Cance­rian, you won’t need to be flooded with ion beams to ex­pe­ri­ence a sim­i­lar phe­nom­e­non. I ex­pect that your power to bloom and flour­ish will be far stronger than usual.

LEO Leo ac­tor Robert De Niro once ob­served that most peo­ple de­vote more en­ergy to con­ceal­ing their emo­tions and long­ings than to re­veal­ing them. Is that true about you? If so, the com­ing weeks will be a favourable time to hide less of your­self and ex­press more. There’ll be rel­a­tively lit­tle hell to pay as a re­sult, and you’ll get a boost of vi­tal­ity. Don’t go over­board, though. I’m not sug­gest­ing that you un­veil every last one of your feel­ings and yearn­ings to ev­ery­one – just to those you trust. Most im­por­tantly, I hope you will un­veil all your feel­ings and yearn­ings to your­self.

VIRGO It has al­most be­come a tra­di­tion: each year at about this time, you seem to en­joy scar­ing the hell out of your­self, and of­ten the heaven, too. Th­ese self- in­flicted shocks have of­ten had a ben­e­fi­cial side ef­fect. They have served as rous­ing prompts for you to re- imag­ine the fu­ture. They have mo­ti­vated and mo­bi­lized you. So yes, there has been an ap­par­ent method in your mad­ness – an up­side to the up­roar. What should we ex­pect this time, my dear? A field trip to a crack house or a meth lab? Some fun and games in a pit of snakes? An ex­cur­sion to the land of bad mem­o­ries? I sug­gest some­thing less melo­dra­matic. How about, for ex­am­ple, a frolic with un­ruly al­lies in a fu­ture par­adise that’s still a bit un­or­ga­nized?

LIBRA Be­fore grapes be­come wine, they have to be cleaned. Then crushed. Then macerated and pressed. The next phase is fer­men­ta­tion, fol­lowed by fil­ter­ing. The ag­ing process, which brings the grapes’ trans­for­ma­tion to com­ple­tion, re­quires more time then the other steps. At the end, there’s one more stage: putting the wine in bot­tles. I’d like to com­pare the grapes’ evo­lu­tion to the story of your life since your last birthday. You are near­ing the end of the ag­ing phase. When that’s fin­ished, I hope you put great care into the bot­tling. It’s as im­por­tant as the other steps.

SCORPIO Are you gear­ing up to pro­mote your­self and your ser­vices? In my as­tro­log­i­cal opin­ion, you should be. If so, you could put the fol­low­ing tes­ti­mo­nial from me in your ré­sumé or ad­ver­tise­ment: “[ place your name here] is a poised overseer of nerve- wrack­ing tran­si­tions and a canny scout who is skilled at track­ing down scarce re­sources. He/ she can help you ac­quire the in­for­ma­tion and en­hance­ments you don’t quite have the power to get by your­self. When con­di­tions are murky or per­plex­ing, this plucky soul is en­ter­pris­ing and in­ven­tive.”

SAGITTARIUS Your eyes are more pow­er­ful than you re­al­ize. If you were stand­ing on a moun­tain­top un­der a cloud­less night sky with no moon, you could see a fire burn­ing 50 miles away. Your imag­i­na­tion is also ca­pa­ble of feats that might sur­prise you. It can, for ex­am­ple, pro­vide you with an ex­pan­sive and ob­jec­tive view of your en­tire life his­tory. I ad­vise you to seek that boost now. Ask your imag­i­na­tion to give you a pro­longed look at the big pic­ture of where you have been and where you are go­ing. I think it’s es­sen­tial to your discovery of the key to the next chap­ter of your life story.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 | Jan 19 Love is your gritty but sa­cred duty. It’s your prickly prod and your ex­pan­sive rid­dle, your cu­ri­ous joy and your de­mand­ing teacher. I’m talk­ing about the whole gamut, Capricorn – from messy per­sonal ro­man­tic love to lu­cid un­con­di­tional spir­i­tual love; from ask­ing smartly for what you de­sire to grate­fully giv­ing more than you thought you had. Can you han­dle this much sweet, dark mys­tery? Can you grow your in­ti­macy skills fast enough to keep up with the in­ter­est­ing chal­lenges? I think you can.

AQUARIUS Jan 20 | Feb 18 There’s an eclipse of the moon com­ing up in the sign of Aquarius. Will it bring bad luck or good luck? Ha! That’s a trick ques­tion. I threw it in to see if you have been learn­ing any­thing from my ef­forts to re­deem astrol­ogy’s rep­u­ta­tion. Although some mis­in­formed peo­ple re­gard my cho­sen field as a su­per­sti­tious pseudo- sci­ence, I say it’s an imag­i­na­tive art form that helps us iden­tify and trans­form our sub­con­scious pat­terns. So the wise an­swer to my ear­lier ques­tion is that the im­mi­nent lu­nar eclipse is nei­ther bad luck nor good luck. Rather, it tells you that you have more power than usual to: 1. tame and man­age the dis­rup­tive and de­struc­tive as­pects of your in­stinc­tual na­ture; 2. make progress in dis­solv­ing your old con­di­tion­ing; 3. be­come more skilled at moth­er­ing your­self.

PISCES Au­gust is Good Hard Labour Month for you Pis­ceans. It’s one of those rare times when a smart ver­sion of worka­holic be­hav­iour might ac­tu­ally make sense. Why? First of all, it could ul­ti­mately lead to a pay raise or new perks. Se­condly, it may bring to light cer­tain truths about your job that you’ve been un­con­scious of. Third, it could awaken you to the fact that you haven’t been try­ing as hard as you could to ful­fill one of your long- term dreams; it might ex­pand your ca­pac­ity to de­vote your­self pas­sion­ately to the epic tasks that mat­ter most. For your home­work, please med­i­tate on this thought: Sum­mon­ing your peak ef­fort in the lit­tle things will mo­bi­lize your peak ef­fort for the Big Thing.

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