Who are Car­ibana’s true win­ners?


Re Clifton Joseph’s Bit­ter­sweet Look Back At Car­ibana (NOW, Au­gust 3-16).

I first ex­pe­ri­enced the Car­ibana pa­rade in 1984 when I was vis­it­ing Toronto and at­tended with my un­cle. I moved to Toronto in 1989 and have at­tended the pa­rade ev­ery year since jump­ing up be­hind the bands just as I did while I was grow­ing up on a small is­land in the Caribbean. Of my last 27 years at­tend­ing the pa­rade, the last three years have been the worst.

What was started in 1967 as a way to present Caribbean cul­ture has turned into a flop for those of us who grew up in the Caribbean.

No longer is Car­ibana meant to present Caribbean cul­tural ex­pres­sion. What it has de­volved into is a way to pump money into Toronto’s econ­omy. The true win­ners are the white-owned cor­po­ra­tions who pay taxes to the City.

What we saw on Au­gust 5, 2017 was not fit to be called Car­ni­val. It lacked en­ter­tain­ment, imag­i­na­tion, the list goes on. Think, Black peo­ple. Think.

John Richards Toronto

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