No more si­lence on the set on sex­ism


Re Sarah Pol­ley On Fight­ing Sex­ism And Abuse In TV And Film (NOW, Septem­ber 7-13)

Ev­ery time a fe­male film­maker or ac­tor speaks out, they’re im­me­di­ately told to “shut up and stay in your place.” Ev­ery time they speak of the lack of par­ity, they’re told, “Women don’t want to be film­mak­ers or else they would be.” Ev­ery time a woman speaks out about ha­rass­ment on set she’s la­belled “a dif­fi­cult per­son to work with, too sen­si­tive, not tough enough to be in this in­dus­try and just caus­ing prob­lems be­cause she’s hor­monal.”

Well, fuck that. I’m a film­maker. We need it to stop. And we need to be the ones who take the next step and make it stop by not dis­miss­ing th­ese sto­ries as “lazy broads look­ing for hand­outs.” Stop.

Brian K. Mil­lard From now­

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